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Colonizers protest for exploitative labor to resume

By Comrade Nat, The Black Hammer Times

In the time of social distancing, general anxiety about one’s safety, while trying to make ends in a system that continues to chug along, one thing is clear: something needs to change. 

The u.s. conservative, fascist, right-wing don’t seem too concerned about this nation’s abysmal response to the previously unknown virus. Instead, droves of “freedom” seekers took to the streets to protest stay-at-home orders and demand that governors and mayors reopen their states and municipalities. 

Many of the protestors yelled without masks, with children in tow. Others actually stormed statehouses armed with powerful munitions. The Anti-Black confederate flag made an appearance at many of these demonstrations. 

So, as the death toll rose to eclipse 50,000 deaths in amerikkka, why were these folks willing to risk their own health? 

Perhaps because they’re aware that this virus is disproportionately affecting black people, poor people, and those living on the fringes of a rugged empire. 

Even bourgeois media reports that some of this outrage is actually manufactured by fascist and right-wing agitators on the national scale, including fellows from the Heritage Foundation and Club For Growth (an Anti-Tax group). 

Companies like Jeff Bezos’ Amazon and Whole Foods have already done their part to squash workers movements like firing workplace agitators, and slandering their names in the process. 

Not all protests are created equal

In the united snakes, anyone can march. If you’re white with a gun, you march a little louder and chances are your stories will get covered by regional and national media, regardless of the ridiculousness of your message and potential harm. 

In Huntsville, Alabama a crowd of only 20 people gathered to demand reopening, and yet, the state’s governor still insists on implementing its reopening plan, even as cases rise in the state.

Those who profit or benefit from the u.s. capitalist system are demanding that places of business open. Meanwhile, colonized ‘essential workers’ continue to wait for proper PPE on the front lines of this manufactured genocide. 

ReOpen NC was one of these anti-stay-at-home restriction groups in the southern u.s. 

Days later one of their organizers, Audrey S. Whitlock, confessed to having the virus while continuing to advocate for colonized workers to put their lives on the line.  

In nearby Georgia, governor Brian Kemp continues to put black people in harm’s way. First, by admitting in a news conference that he didn’t know COVID could be spread by asymptomatic carriers (a well-known fact for months), then by only keeping shelter in place for 10 days before a plan to reopen the u.s. state.

What’s common in all of these aforementioned states are a 1) republican, white supremacist, leadership, and 2) a high population of African and Colonized people acutely affected by Coronavirus. 

The genocide of African and Colonized people is not covert. Especially as thousands across the country march for something completely different: rent moratorium due to a historic loss of jobs and income among working-class people. 

These protests have gotten less coverage and much less political support, save the stray democratic socialist like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez who still upholdss the imperialist system as a bipartisan rule in the u.s.

True liberation comes from the abolition of colonial-capitalism and the return of power to the hands of the African and Colonized working class. 

It won’t come from a demand for commerce to resume while our people are dying from the virus, facing food insecurity, and lacking from weak social services.

Liberation of the African and Colonized working class can only be achieved through organization. From the inner cities to the rural south, to beyond amerikkka borders. 

Stay safe to the best of your ability, it’s dangerous out there for colonized workers. White power never cared about our safety and well-being and they are proving it once again.

Join Black Hammer and see real work being done in our communities.

Black Power!




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