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Our Colonized Brother, Brandon Penn, faces death in Arizona Prison

Brandon Penn, a victim stripped of his freedom by the amerikkkan injustice system, is faced with death. His only crime is being Black in the u.s.

On May 1st, Brandon called the Black Hammer Organization (BHO) Arizona Chapter to explain the criminally inadequate living conditions that he and many other colonized people are experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Brandon Penn is currently incarcerated at Florence Correctional Center (FCC) on the west side of the facility. 

Penn’s lawyer read Brandon an email indicating that “two more staff tested positive.” 

Further, a maintenance worker at FCC told Brandon that another correctional officer was forced to come in even after their daughter had tested positive for COVID-19.

FCC does not care about the well-being of colonized people, exposing these colonized people to COVID-19 via correctional officers is a Death Sentence.

When asked about the conditions, Brandon explained that he first arrived at FCC on March 17th and was placed in a 14-man cell. In this cell, Brandon must wear a flimsy surgical mask to protect himself from COVID-19. 

To put this into perspective, on March 15th the Center of Disease Control warned against large gatherings. By March 17th, COVID-19 was already present in all 50 states.

Brandon explained that if you went to the medical center, there might be 50 people in there who have been refused testing for COVID-19 unless you clearly exhibit the symptoms.

FCC is run by CoreCivic (formerly known as corrections corporation of america), a company with a revenue of $1.74 billion. 

CoreCivic has denied proper cleaning supplies for the facility or personal protection equipment to colonized people whose freedom they have stolen. They would rather have us dead. 

Brandon is now in a 2-man cell and is harder to practice social distancing.

Penn hopes to be released on May 5th after accepting a plea deal. A plea deal does not imply guilt of a crime, but is a form of coercion used by the state to lock up colonized people by threatening them with the possibility of a harsher sentence.

If he continues to fight for his justice, it would require him to remain behind bars due to the District of Arizona postponing all civil and criminal jury trials until June 1st.

Even still, Brandon expressed they may not let him go because of the quarantine in place on the east side of the facility, which could spill over to his area, the west side.

The racist carceral state seeks to kill us, and they will find any way to do so. Whether by police or COVID-19, we are not safe in the united snakes of amerikkka.

Death to America!

Abolish Prisons!

Black Power!



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