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As a citizen of the Global South, I support Black Hammer (what leftism means to me?)

By Comrade Sante, The Black Hammer Times Staff

To truly and firmly stand with an ideology, let alone a specific organization, requires utmost dedication, as well as vision and hope in order to accomplish your mission.

From all the (necessary) discourse happening online between the Black Hammer Organization (BHO) and its opposers, I choose to stand with BHO.

After only being a member for less than a month, I believe I’ve helped materialize the ideologies I’ve had to carry into proper action.

I don’t claim to be very knowledgeable in the detailed history of every country let alone mine, nor on the infinite principles that exist within the leftist sphere of thought.

I am but an infinitely-average-intelligence young colonized individual that believes in having an opinion (what I really mean is a choice) on anything and everything.

We go by our everyday lives having to make decisions, and with all this palaver on my organization being “anti-Semitic,” I decided to stick with BHO through and through.

As a citizen that grew up in the Global South, in the United Arab Emirates, with Southeast Asian parents (Filipino and Indian), I have never identified with or felt more heard from organization than Black Hammer.

This organization is African-centric and I realized that uniting with the African nation and all its people, I was uniting with my own colonized people in the Philippines and India. I saw my struggle with the African people as my own.

A new world order doesn’t just happen as a collective agreement of all its inhabitants. A new world order requires persuasion (particularly one that invokes violence). This means hurting more than just feelings.

I am active on Twitter and follow many well-known, proclaimed nominal leftists that have greatly informed my thought process and the way in which I mold my once-colonized mind.

I partook in my organization’s strategy of agitation and propaganda in defending our name. I have consequently been called “anti-Semitic,” a “fascist,” and someone with “nimble thinking.”

I do not claim Anne Frank was in the forefront of my history classes. I only briefly heard about the atrocities the Nazis had inflicted upon Jews, and sympathized. Anne Frank is insignificant to me.

I, however, never heard a lick of African suffering. In fact, I even embodied anti-blackness as a child because of the otherworldliness the Black race was made out to be in my upbringing.

Growing up in the Global South (as in every square meter of this world), the concept of whiteness was upheld, revered, and glorified. In Dubai, white Europeans occupy the higher echelons of society, while Africans and south(east) asians live as the lowest status of the megapolitan city.

What I truly want to know (and expect) from an organization is its willingness and focus to center the Global South as its focus. I don’t only mean the sellouts or colonized people living in the imperial core. I care that the bus driver that drove me to school was able to earn enough money to put food on the table.

I most definitely am not criticizing the suffering of my colonized siblings that live in the imperial core as being beneficiaries of the white power capitalist system. I simply cannot compare a colonized person’s suffering in amerikkka to ones living in the Global South. The conversation is more nuanced than that.

What I do want to know, is whether the very same leftists believe in world socialism. Once the amerikkkan empire will collapse (which it will), will it be amerikkkan socialism, or socialism for all colonized countries?

I know that my organization will go through hurdles but this is a race for humanity. We are athletes that will exercise the heavy hand of revolution.

Those white leftists that have read Lenin and fully believe in his philosophies, may have never experienced a real war in their lifetime. A colonized person fights battles everyday just to stay ALIVE.

The reason I choose to be unapologetic about my leader’s “reactionary” voice and—by extension—my entire organization, is because I see the same frustrated, visceral cry for a humanity that does not exclude colonized people’s names, voices, beliefs and lives.

I see an organization that puts the Global South and all it’s constituents to the front. I see my mother that has worked for an amerikkkan corporation her entire life, receive her much-needed diligence.

When I see Black Hammer, I see a world where my father being able to pay for my grandmother’s surgery.

I see hope.

I will breathe the fresh air with every colonized person that will stand by me.

We are the revolution.

We are Black Hammer.









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