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Keep colonialism closed and let’s open the Revolution!

By Chief Gazi Kodzo, Commander-In-Chief

Black Power Comrades,

Currently, Black Hammer (BHO) is on the frontlines saving our oppressed, colonized people from the onslaught of the coronavirus. 

Our colonized siblings are struggling against the contradictions created by colonialism-capitalism that the virus has worsened.

We are successfully distributing free N95 masks, medical gloves, soap, sanitizer, disinfectant, immune boosting vitamins, and herbs to poor and working class colonized people all over the world. 

Being out in the field as we call it has been gruesome but also motivational.

The white nationalist state has called for a quarantine to save its white ruling class and white “working” class from the ravages of the coronavirus, leaving a skeleton economy run by working class Colonized people to keep the beast of capitalism on life support during this time. 

Quarantine is a privilege shared by those who can either work from home or those that have adequate enough savings to sustain their lifestyle without constant income. 

This is a white lifestyle that is only shared by a few other colonized people, known as the Colonized Petty Bourgeois class. 

The mass majority of African and Colonized people around the world live paycheck to paycheck on job sites which demand their physical labor to create massive profit for the bourgeoisie. 

Billions of Colonized people around the world were fired and instantly lost the ability to work these oppressive jobs we at BHO nicknamed “the plantation.” 

Unable to feed ourselves, they shoved us in our homes from Brooklyn to Mumbai. The colonial and neocolonial police states violently push us in our homes.

In Nigeria, this violent police process of forced lockdown has murdered 1,476 people while coronavirus has only killed 12 people in Nigeria so far.

The skeleton economy is called skeleton not just because it represents the bare bones of a full economy, but also because of its deadly nature. 

In the Western World they have deemed it “Essential Worker.”  These are colonized workers that are needed so that the white ruling class can still experience gluttony and over spending while in their Beverly Hills mansions and multi-million dollar New York apartments.

These are delivery workers, grocery workers, restaurant workers, retail workers, and the public transit workers to get the Colonized “essential workers” to their skeleton jobs. 

Jason Hargrove, a bus driver in Detroit that died from Coronavirus

These jobs are death traps and have offered absolutely no protection to colonized workers whatsoever—so much so that the news media lied and told the colonized workers they didn’t need masks. 

They then told us that cloth masks would protect from coronavirus, even though countless tests showed that to be false. 

All these lies were fed to the colonized worker to give them the illusion of safety while commuting to their slaughter for $12 an hour. 

Within two weeks of this process of “essential workers”, coronavirus went from a virus that mostly affected upper class whites and celebrities to a disease that is now almost only affecting and killing poor and working class colonized people. 

When the issue of why the disease has now found its new home within the colonized, oppressed, poor communities, the answer is told that “Black people just don’t know how to stay in their house” or that “weed usage is a cause for the spread of the disease”—every excuse in the book other than the truth, which is it was by design through the american government setting up the expendable colonized workers for genocide just to keep a skeleton economy running for the bourgeoisie. 

They are not concerned with losing so many of us set-to-slaughter “essential workers” because we will be easily replaced by the millions of newly, unemployed African and Colonized people who are starving and can’t feed their families. 

This unemployment and lockdown has caused a desperation for employment within colonized people worldwide, where we are willing to work in the most dangerous situations just to put food on the table. 

Zenobia Shepherd a 27 year old Maryland Grocery Store Clerk died from COVID-19

The united snakes of america now have the most deaths in the world from COVID-19 with 45,356 mortalities, most of them being African and Colonized people. 

This colonial-capitalist world is a world of the past. We must decide if we are going to build a new world where our labor is dictated by us and for us or are we going to continue being sacrificial cattle for the old, capitalist world. 

I understand the sentiment that we want to be able to feed our children. We must understand that we cannot feed our children if we are dead. 

We also cannot let our need to feed our children be turned into us infecting and maybe killing ourselves and our children. 

Is that truly the only two choices we have: death from slavery or death from poverty!?

NO I SAY!!!!!!!

Stay home and quit your death trap plantation aka “essential job!” 

They try to evict you for not paying rent? Organize your neighbors with BHO and rebel! 

They try to cut off your utilities cause you can’t pay the bills? Organize your community with BHO and rebel!

Are we just to be essential slaves, meant to produce for white billionaires even at the expense of our own lives and our family’s lives? Or are we HUMAN, meant to live and be free?

Black Hammer Members in Nigeria passing out PPE and Herbs to the poor

If you’re a grocery store worker that has a passion for feeding their community, then let’s build a community garden under safety protocols to feed our community.

If you are a bus driver that loves getting people where they need to go, then let’s create our own community bus line with safety standards for you and your customers. 

We have all these things and more available to us through organization where we can grow our own liberated economy that does not set us and our loved ones up for genocide, so that Jeff Bezos can be the world’s first trillionaire.

Colonized people, this is our time to usher in a future where no one lives at the expense of another. 

We must strike now while the enemy is confused and beaten before it regains its bearings. 

We poor and working class Colonized people will not sacrifice our lives and future again to reopen colonialism! 

I say let it close! We must all say let capitalism die and let socialism be born!  Keep Colonialism closed and let’s reopen The Revolution! 

If I die by my enemies hands, I will die fighting my enemy, not by working for my enemy! 

That’s how my children will remember me—not that daddy used to come home with the oppressor’s check, but that  “Daddy Gazi used to come home with the oppressor’s head!”

Gazi on his way to pass out PPE and Herbs to the Homeless of Chicago


Join Black Hammer Now!

Hammer to Destroy White Power!

Hammer to build Freedom and Self-Determination! 





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