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It’s Black Hammer Time: The frontline voice of the International Colonized Revolution!

Black Power readers! My name is Olofin Ikemba, the new Chief of The Black Hammer Times (BHT), the official news organ of the Black Hammer Organization (BHO). 

BHO is an organization comprised of all colonized nations united as one, with the task of overturning this white power, colonial-capitalist system and building a liberated, socialist world where no one lives at the expense of another.

One of the major obstacles that stand in our way of achieving this, is the bullshit narrative of the colonizer, white nation being forced onto our communities through radio, television and internet. 

At every turn, our vulnerable communities are being fed lies by the mainstream media which paint us as criminals, terrorists, “illegals” and other demeaning labels that seek to justify the centuries-long exploitation of our lives, labor, land and resources.

With more than three quarters of all mainstream media being owned and controlled by a few bourgeois corporations like Comcast and Disney, it’s nearly impossible to escape their narrative.

As the BHT, it is our job to provide the truth and contend with the white power, false narrative at every turn, reviving the revolutionary fervor in every colonized community on the face of the planet. 

We ain’t pulling no punches on Mickey Mouse.

A few articles to expect in May 2020

We got some dope revolutionary analysis lined up for you! This month’s articles include, but definitely aren’t limited to:

  • A report from our Comrades on the ground in Nigeria
  • The struggle to keep colonialism closed and open the Revolution by our Commander-In-Chief, Gazi Kodzo
  • Exciting developments from our Disaster Relief Committee by Chief Ina
  • “Black love ain’t revolutionary” by Chief Mouhamadou

BHO is sparing no effort to agitate, educate and organize our colonized communities. As the Chief of this news source, I want all readers to hold me accountable.

In the span of only a few weeks, we’ve built a dope team full of enthusiastic Comrades who are completely dedicated to carrying out the destruction of colonial-capitalism, and have written some amazing articles – some of which have been shared over 4,500 times!

Our new, revolutionary team have been putting out articles on the daily, and we’ll continue to provide you with anti-colonial analysis that sums up different current events and a way forward.

The BHT is YOURS! We are determined to build it to the capacity of that of the Black Panther Newspaper, the Negro World and to the extent of Fidel Castro’s propaganda apparatus, distributing to more than 60 countries and translated in multiple languages. 

This will happen and we need you for it! If you have a passion for writing, reading or have an interest in current events, hit me up

Keep up with our the latest revolutionary news by visiting The Black Hammer Times section of our website!

Join the fastest growing, anti-colonial, Black Power organization by visiting There’s something here for all colonized people!

Wear y’all masks and gloves when you go out! Until the next edition!

Black Power!



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