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Black love ain’t revolutionary!

By Black Hammer

Yeah, I said it!

Now, hold on! Before you start commenting some koonery, read the d*mn article!

I know y’all love to talk sh*t behind headlines. So, if you share this, I ain’t say all Black love wasn’t revolutionary. I said: just because two Africans are in love, does not mean their love is​  AUTOMATICALLY revolutionary.

To put this simply, being an African who is in a romantic relationship with one or multiple other African people does not, in and of itself​, make your love revolutionary.

There are so many examples of reactionary love – between Black people out there – that the argument is honestly comical. All you have to do is look at African sell-outs like The Obamas.

That colonial puppet power couple bombed hospitals, weddings, and orphanages with a smile. Michelle coached him and stood by him as this sellout bombed the African continent and deported the hell out of Indigenous people.

Barack Obomber, commander-in-chief, deported more people than any other u.s. president in history.

Another example of reactionary Black love can be seen in the Jay-Z and Beyoncé fiasco. These two parasites do just enough to appear like they give back to the masses.

Just enough philanthropy so the people don’t really see them for the parasites they are and how they sell out African people daily.

That being said, Hov’s been invested in private parole companies. This man is making money by financing an upgraded system of enslavement.

The u.s. mass incarceration system is undeniably a reinvention of the chattel slavery wheel.

Jay-Z is looking to profit from the next paint job they reform the mass incarceration wheel with. His superstar wife, Beyoncé, has repeatedly used slave labor in Asian textile factories.

Listen: I’m not telling you who to love, how to love, or even how to define your relationship. I’m just saying you are not special for being in a relationship with another African person.

Overcoming the anti-African brainwashing enough to recognize the beauty of the African diaspora is simply a very basic part of decolonizing your mind.

Revolutionaries aren’t basic! Revolutionaries are people who have so much love for people that they can’t stand to watch them live under the boot of oppression. Revolutionaries are people who build and organize for their people’s liberation.

So, if you want to express the deep love you have for African people, become a revolutionary and fight for their freedom. You can start by signing up at

Sources on just how low these sellouts are parasites and imperialists.

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