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Black Hammer Nigeria chapter on the move to deliver PPE to poor and working class Africans

By Chief Shewel, Black Hammer-Nigeria

Nigeria right now, like everywhere else in the world, is facing a common challenge: the COVID-19 pandemic. 

People everywhere in Nigeria are told to observe social distancing.  

Public organizations and public gatherings are shut down in places like markets, grocery stores, banks, public transportation, etc. 

This decision was made by the legislature and enforced by the executives, not having in their mind a solution to keep everything in order, especially for the African poor and working class within these colonially-defined borders. 

Some have to do day jobs before food could be available for their families. 

Even poor, old farmers don’t have where their food could be sold as markets have been shut down. 

Our youth don’t have any means of survival, as there are no more day jobs. Much of the African community have resorted to theft of each other as means of survival. 

Unsurprisingly, the neocolonial government here has failed to implement measures to effectively protect the masses from this virus. 

The only concern of neocolonial President Burhari is to protect his and his masters own interests at the expense of millions of our people. 

We created the Black Hammer (BH) chapter in Nigeria because we realize that our only hope for seeing a liberated, unified African Nation is through organizing our own poor and working class community towards realizing our own aims. 

In the past few weeks, we have distributed masks, gloves and sanitation supplies to the most vulnerable of us in our community. 

Comrade Azzy Adeola, Chief of BH-Nigeria, wasted no time distributing these supplies while organizing other community members in the process. 

Chief Azzy has experienced a rise in the amount of robberies in light of this international crisis, providing security from those sisters and brothers who feel this is their only solution. Yet, he is not pointing the finger at them or labeling them enemies.

He is even organizing others to realize that COVID-19 is not the main enemy. 

The main enemy is colonialism! Colonialism divided us into the artificial border of “Nigger-area” (Nigeria).

Colonialism has no interest in saving us

It should come as no shock that this colonial system finds African lives expendable, not only through this current pandemic, but with the ongoing exploitation of our resources that result in dire poverty and hunger.

To make matters worse, the white ruling class proposed to use our people as test subjects for a vaccine which likely would come with several, deadly, adverse effects.

Of course, the solution then is to build a unified, socialist Africa and world where the poor and working class make the best decisions for our lives.

The Black Hammer Organization is the tool that will build this reality. We are growing rapidly and are determined to overturn this system responsible for our misery. 

While imperialism is severely weakened, let’s use this time to organize fiercely! If you are in Nigeria and want to join BH, reach out to me at [email protected].

Help us get protective equipment to our people by contributing to $BHInternational!



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