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Black Hammer launches #2BFrank to combat colonizer, white leftists

By The Black Hammer Times Staff

On April 20, 2020, Gazi Kodzo, the Commander-In-Chief and one of the founders of the Black Hammer Organization (BHO), tweeted something truthful and crucial for the decolonial revolution.

The tweet broadcasted the untold massacre of millions of African and Colonized people who die on a daily basis at the hands of white power imperialism.

The series of tweets read, in part “[Middle finger emoji] Anne Frank! As a Black Child in america all through school I was taught to mourn a BECKY. I wasn’t told about the COUNTLESS Black girls america GENOCIDED! Indigenous girls america GENOCIDED! Palenstinian girls that israel is killing through GENOCIDE right now!”

Anne Frank was a white victim of the Jewish Holocaust during the second imperialist war, commonly referred to as “world war II”—a war between white colonizers over who could dominate the lives, land and resources of African and Colonized people.

What makes Anne Frank’s story so tragic while the lives of our young, Colonized girls taken at the hands of this imperialist beast, go unnoticed?

It’s the whiteness and proximity to power that comes at the expense of the true victims of genocide, the African and Colonized.

Of course, it’s not a coincidence that Hitler is the poster child of genocide and everything evil while Leopold isn’t: the former massacred other colonizers while Leopold massacred African people.

It’s not a coincidence that the Jews received reparations while our African siblings in the Congo still wear the scar of Leopold’s brutal genocide.

Chief Gazi, in another tweet, states: “Genocide wasn’t even a WORD until the WHITE ON WHITE CRIME of the Holocaust. In 1949! THOUSANDS of African and Colonized tribes WIPED OUT OF EXISTENCE! MILLIONS OF NAMELESS GIRLS KILLED due to EUROPEAN Colonialism for 500 years and NO WORD to define it UNTIL it happened to Anne!”

Straight like that. Raphael Lemkin is the colonizer who coined the term “genocide” and initiated the Genocide Convention in response to white people killing millions of other white people in Europe.

Lemkin referred to the Congolese as “an unorganized and disorderly rabble of savages whose only recompense was what they obtained from looting, and when they were cannibals, as was usually the case, in eating the foes against whom they were sent.”

This Jewish colonizer had a deep admiration for colonialism in Africa and justified it! Yet any criticism from whites would deem this anti-Semitic.

The outrage of the white left

The white left (KKKomunists) and their sellout lackeys cried crocodile tears over Chief Gazi’s tweets, calling him an anti-Semite or reactionary.

The BHO instantly became a target of racist leftists who have grown accustomed to going unchallenged… until now.

Ignoring the historical reality of the genocide of African and Colonized people on a daily basis, the focus of their attack was limited to Chief Gazi saying “F*ck Anne Frank.”

Despite the white left having done nothing revolutionary for colonized poor and working class lives, they take the opportunity to claim that the BHO is a “backwards and counterrevolutionary org.”

How dare a Colonized African say such an awful thing about one little white girl?

Most Colonized children had to learn about Anne BEFORE the mass murders of their own sisters and brothers.

Most Colonized children in the Global South barely learn (a brief brush through, at best) about Anne Frank and the Holocaust, yet struggle to fill their stomachs. What does Anne Frank represent to us—the colonized poor and working class, the TRUE proletariat?

The tears and opinions from the white whipping class came pouring in, attacking our Chief and the BHO.

Black Hammer United

Chief Gazi had called a meeting with the general membership of the organization around these attacks and laid out why it is important for us to speak unapologetically from our own viewpoint as the Colonized poor and working class.

Over 700 members of our organization—consisting of Colonized people from every nation—attended and unified that we are in a war-without-terms against our oppressor, and that the Chief’s comments were purely justified.

The organization created a campaign against these racist white leftists using the hashtag #2BFrank, which is a play on words regarding Anne Frank and keeping it 100.

Our growing membership all changed their profile pictures to the Black Hammer logo, indicating above all else, “f*ck your feelings, our people are facing genocide to this day.”

If you feel there are “other ways” to educate people of the genocide of African and Colonized people without “putting down” another, you are actively participating in tone policing and silencing Colonized voices. This is the very reason why the BHO started this movement.

Colonized people don’t have the power to kill other groups of people en masse—unlike white jews in Israel—nor do we have a stake in oppressing anyone.

Our end goal is to take back our resources that give colonizers like Anne Frank, Raphael Lemkin and the white left a pedestal over us and unite the world under one socialist banner.

Currently, state-controlled media has blocked some of BHO’s accounts. We knew this was bound to happen. That’s how we know this movement is real.

Black Hammer continues to stand firm and uncompromising: we understand that this is our only path to victory.

F*ck Anne Frank!


International socialism in our lifetime!

Black Power!



  1. these tweets are nothing but the truth. In times of U$ supported terrorist attacks on Cuba, Venezuela, Iran etc, these reactionaries decide to waste their time on tweets? Today, May 5, is the National Day for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Womyn. Don’t see them rally around this? They are making REAL white leftists who know their place look bad but are even more shitting on the legacy of genuine, respected anti-imperialist pro-Black and Puerto Rican Liberation white leftists like Marilyn Buck, Richard Williams, Tom Manning, Dr. Alan Berkman , (all four of them have joined the Ancestors, Rest In Power) , David Gilbert, Laura Whitehorn.

    seems they are not just stalking BHO –

    Also, the ‘antisemitism’ label resembles what the zionists do, see story of Cameroonian Prof. Mbembe who said the simple truth that israelhell = apartheid south africa –

    In the Spirit of Buck and Brown,



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