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Polio outbreak in Africa due to colonial vaccine

By Comrade Pachi, The Black Hammer Times Staff

Colonizers are perpetuating polio outbreaks through inadequate vaccinations, and colonized children are facing the brunt of this aggression. 

Paralysis cases are now being caused at a higher rate by vaccine-derived viruses than from naturally occurring viruses. 

Imperialist nations circulate the inactivated polio vaccine in their hospitals. The virus in the syringe cannot cause polio when injected. This inactivated vaccine is five times more expensive than the oral vaccine. 

The polio virus is still alive in the oral vaccination. Unsurprisingly, in colonized nations the oral vaccine is the preferred method. 

The oral vaccines are the tool of contagion used by the colonizers. 

They are cheaper to make, and according to Dr. Yvonne Maldonado of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Infectious Diseases, “ the manufacturers are really trying to ramp up production of the killed vaccine. So as soon as they get enough vaccines, they’re hoping that all countries will be using the killed vaccine, and eventually the plan is to try to switch over to only using the killed vaccine.”

Colonized people are somehow meant to wait until the imperialists decide when to distribute the inactive virus. 

Neocolonialist sellouts in colonized nations are not interested in pushing their imperialist masters into healing working African and Colonized people. Resources from a colonized nation are redirected to the imperialists. 

A lack of resources is the intentional reality. More children can die of respiratory paralysis if the imperialists can increase their annual profits.

Maldonado doesn’t stop at price and factory conditions; “The countries that have had problems have been the countries where the vaccination levels are extremely low, either because of ongoing infrastructure issues or, more commonly now, because areas of conflict don’t have the necessary infrastructure to vaccinate,”

Bourgeois medical officials understand the relations of exploitation, and they will sacrifice African and Colonized people for their own benefits

African and Colonized people can take care of their own, but to do so would endanger the colonial system. 

Imperialist medical officials will support the source of African and Colonized person’s exploitation, and in the same breadth feign confusion and blame infrastructure. 

Their justification for not administering the inactivated vaccines is because of mucosal immunity. 

The inactivated vaccine lowers the levels of immunity in general, but specifically in the intestines.

This creates a precarious scenario where contagion is increased by fecal transmission. If the vaccinated person encounters wild poliovirus, then that virus is still able to multiply due to lower levels of immunity in the intestines.

This person will show no signs of infection, but the virus can be spread through the virus to unprotected individuals. 

The answer the imperialists are proposing is developing a new vaccine that can be inactive, and incapable of spreading. This answer is still drenching in the blood of our African and Colonized comrades. 

Imperialists will not stop exploiting once the guilt kicks in. Their motive is stealing our material resources, labor, and biological information to excuse, advance, and reconstitute systems of exploitation. 

Who will be tested during the vaccine trials? Surely it will not be the colonizer’s children of the imperial cores who don’t need it. From the history of colonial-capitalism we know that the colonized will be tasked with experimentations. 

When will this fictive vaccine be made? Or rather, how many more of our colonized comrades will be maimed or killed by this vaccine until the imperialists create the vaccine? 

Four months ago nine new cases caused by the vaccine were reported in Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic and Angola. Three days ago, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Niger reported a new polio outbreak. Cases are also reported in Asia with claims of coverups. One can only imagine the colonized who are suffering without anyone to report. 

The African and Colonized proletariat must grab power! It is only through the colonized proletariat’s dictatorship over land, resources, production, and infrastructure that polio will be eradicated. 

Black Power!

One African Nation!

Comrade Pachi represents the colonized cholos of Ecuador. If he’s not painting or making playlists he’s probably zoned out trying to study revolutionary history. Horrible texter.


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