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Valente Acosta-Bustillos was murdered by pigs in Albuquerque

By Comrade Keirien, The Black Hammer Times Staff

Valente Acosta-Bustillos, 52 and unarmed, was murdered by pigs during a welfare check in his own home in Albuquerque, New Mexico on March 30th.

Video footage from a pig’s body camera was released last week on April 22nd, showing the pig (Edgar Sandoval) murdering Valente during a supposed welfare check.

Valente was seen outside of his home doing yard work with a shovel when the pigs approached him. Valente, suffering from substance induced psychosis, was likely very paranoid and scared when confronted.

Though he was standing in a non-threatening manner, Valente was tazed and shot multiple times by the pigs. In the footage, about five to six gunshots can be heard.

Valente laid there critically wounded and bleeding, the pig Edgar is heard saying that he doesn’t have medical gloves needed to stop the bleeding. Valente was forced to lay there for roughly five minutes until medical personnel arrived.

Valente would later die.

Valenta Acosta-Bustillos is the third person that the Albuquerque Pigs Department have murdered this year.

In his obituary, “Valente loved to spend time with family. He was a very loving man and treated his friends as family. He was a hardworking man. He loved to make people laugh. He would dance on his stilts and sing to everyone with his lovely voice. When he looked at people he only saw the good in them.”

A heartwarming video can be viewed here remembering Valente Acosta-Bustillos, the man the pigs murdered.

The pigs are class traitors and a tool of state oppression to murder, harass, and arrest colonized people.

Racism is a symptom of colonialism ingrained in the nature of colonial-capitalist amerikkka. The u.s. is a police state where the political ascendancy protects the bourgeoisie interests of the upper class through militarism and imperialism.

Police are instruments of state power, canonized and placed above society.

Don’t expect them to be held accountable for brutality and the killing of unarmed POC when they are doing the state’s bidding.

As it stands now, the pig Edgar Sandoval has not been held responsible for the murder of Valente Acosta-Bustillos.

If we want to end the brutalization and oppression of colonized people we must fight for the abolishment of the police, as they are the first to repress any movement towards liberation.

Join the Black Hammer Party, to fight for colonized communities and to abolish the police.


Black Power!

Comrade Keirien represents and writes for the colonized Black people of the united states. You may find Keirien passionately tweeting about the San Antonio Spurs (whose playoff streak still remains intact), and all things revolutionary.


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