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#BernieDontComeBack: Why Bernie Sanders Was Never the Solution

By Comrade Sante, The Black Hammer Times Staff

Despite Bernard Sanders suspending his presidential campaign, leaving Dementia Biden to reign the democratic national party (DNC), voters are clinging to their last hope and pleading for Sanders to unsuspend and run as an independent.

On April 27th 2020, two democratic election commissioners voted to take Bernie out the NY ballot, where he decided to leave his name for states that haven’t voted yet in the primaries.

The primaries not only determine a nominee for the party, but also what delegates are selected.

This has angered Sanders supporters who were hoping to win delegates to “influence” the DNC’s rules and embrace more “liberal” platforms.

But, little did we know, there are quiet talks about the Biden campaign conniving to keep Sanders’ delegates, after Sanders himself endorsed Biden. Some may call it betrayal, but to the Black Hammer Organization (BHO), this is far from unusual.

The bourgeois ruling class is and always has been dictating the course of amerikkka’s political reign as a right-wing white power state, regardless of who is president.

Many #bernieorbust followers are taking to online platforms saying they refuse to vote for any other candidate.

Sure, this may portray some sense of having an ideological backbone, but to colonized revolutionaries, Sanders is nothing more than an imperialist. Their ideological backbone is still the attached to the imperialist vertebrate.

To accredit the now impossible election of Sanders as a giant leap forward in politics isn’t a testament to any progress that society has made, but on the contrary, an indication of the absolute right-wing nature of the u.s. government.

Sanders has appropriated socialist elements to appeal to the working class.

Today, political demands are almost undeniably “democratic socialism.”

Sanders has been the impetus of a widespread culture of what is nothing more than white liberal idealization.

Sanders confidently sought to materialize his wet dreams of a Scandinavian fantasy and emulate the existing socioeconomic standards of Nordic countries in amerikkka.

Sanders is sprinkling rainbow toppings on the shitcake that European colonial forces have offered to colonized people.

His desire was never to build a “socialist” amerikkka, but rather, to take the imperialist crown and use the country’s blood money for a marginally better social safety net. His bashing of actual socialist countries like the DPRK is evidentiary enough.

Why are voters so dependent on the electoral system?

The dependence on the bourgeois system that poises itself as a “democratic establishment” justifies the reluctance of voters to look beyond the two-party system and desperately seek salvation from their favorite political party and candidate.

Sanders believes there is an easy fix to structural and chronic contradictions created by colonial-capitalism. What he offers, at best, is a slap on the wrist to the billionaires, and a feeble bandage on the wounds of the white working class.

Colonized people know the redistribution of resources will only benefit the colonizer proletariat.

The reason why Sanders has garnered such a following is due to the nature of his campaign.

His campaign consists of complacently lecturing the masses on how our material reality is so bad (no access to healthcare, high-cost education, expensive housing) while deliberately ignoring the necessity to address these immediate needs and instead asking for a donation and vote come electoral period.

What has been built over the constant exploitation of labor and extraction of resources from the Global South, can never marginally change with the election of your favorite candidate for a four-year term.

This system can only be taken down with an equally opposing force, i.e. a mass revolution.

It is time Bernie fans strategically divest from electoral politics and contribute to building the true and only force of change.

BHO is organizing on the daily to radicalize colonized people while simultaneously helping to improve the material conditions of the masses.

Join the fight and help build the revolution!


Black Power!

Comrade Sante represents and writes for the colonized people of the Philippines. You will either find Sante relentlessly tweeting how much he hates liberals, or comparing latin empanadas and filipino ones. (p.s. they’re all great)


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