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White consumption of Black Culture is rooted in white supremacy

By Comrade Keirien, The Black Hammer Times Staff

In american pop culture, blackness is associated with coolness. Whites are drawn to the mainstream social constructions of black culture as a sign of rebellion.

Colonizers are fascinated with all aspects of Black Culture—whether music, language, style, or nonverbal expressions.

It’s easy for white people to adopt Black Culture when they don’t deal with the consequences of Blackness in the united states. 

White people have the choice to adopt “Blackness” when it’s cool for them to do so—they aren’t subjected to the everyday, colonial violence that occurs for being Black in the united states.

White consumption of Black culture is a front that allows them to hide their fears and hate through adoration, rather than ridicule as done historically. Regardless of the front the colonizer puts up, this is a manifestation of white supremacy.

Whether or not it is blatant white supremacy (i.e. hate groups) or white consumption of Black culture, they are both a response to the crisis of white identity and the reduction of white power.

What is this crisis in white identity? 

The colonizer is experiencing cognitive dissonance. White people are caught between a past where they had dominated without regard to the world’s oppressed, and a future where the white power structure is being challenged at every corner through collective action. 

This is a major tension in white people—their once thought natural superiority is being relentlessly challenged by those who they deemed inferior.

Aware of this changing political/demographic climate, whites are left with two choices: First, attempt to identify with other cultures manifesting in the form of appropriation and consumption and second, revert to far-right positions in an blatant attempt to maintain control. 

When whites choose to appropriate and consume black culture, they do so using superficial and stereotypical images of “Blackness” promoted by the white controlled cultural industrieswhile rejecting any Black ideology or movement challenging the structures of white power.

Further, the stereotypical images that the white-controlled cultural industries proport as “Blackness” are the images that reinforce the fear and anxieties of white people. 

White nationalist politicians on both sides then invoke these images to justify their violence.

As Bell Hooks stated: “There is a direct and abiding connection between the maintenance of white supremacist patriarchy in this society and the institutionalization via mass media of specific images, representations of race, of blackness that support and maintain the oppression, exploitation and overall domination of all black people.”

White consumption of Black culture is an attempt to deal with the white identity crisis and maintain control. 

In their view, they are able to identify with the “other” through the appropriation and consumption of their culture, while also retaining their privileged economic, social, and political status.

The white power structure is in an irreversible crisis. The only principled way for white people to join the revolution is through paying reparations by donating to the Black Hammer Organization who believes, as stated in our Principles of Unity number four: 

Only through our leadership can Colonialism and its symptoms; white power, capitalism, imperialism, racism, classism, patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, and all its other symptomatic offsprings, be smashed!”

Forward to the destruction of white supremacy!

Forward to the destruction of white power!

Join Black Hammer today!



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