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The colonial exploitation of J-1 visa workers in the united states

By Comrade Sante, The Black Hammer Times Staff

The “American Dream”—an overused liberal platitude— is a far cry from the reality faced by colonized people.

While the u.s. has constantly peddled the idea that immigrating to the country would alleviate their material conditions, colonized people would often discover the opposite the minute their suitcases touch the ground.

Massive amerikkkan companies are partaking in a heinous, colonial project, benevolently known as a student-work exchange program.

The beneficiaries are tantalizing young and hardworking individuals from the Global South through a “special” J-1 visa permit.

The J-1 visa, as the u.s. department of homeland security defines it, is a visa type for international students looking to participate in a work-and-study based exchange program for the summer.

These programs can range anywhere from candidates working in a lab for scientific research to camp counselors exploring indigenous lands.

However, the state department and visa agencies funnel people into high-demand sectors like hotels or amusement parks for employment.

The reality? Colonized people scrubbing dirty dishes and mopping floors.

Many hotels and resorts employ people under the guise of receiving “hospitality experience,” and work them to the bone, doing up to 60 hours a week.

Despite many complaints from the J-1 visa holders, they were only met with threats of deportation by their supervisor.

Workers had to spend over $3000 for the “privilege” of working in the imperial core, and the desire for this is only growing.

A report by the International Labor Recruitment Working group expounds on the increasing use of this type of visa to directly employ thousands of colonized peoples while sidestepping the few health and safety labor protections available for temporary workers.

If the beneficiaries can’t hire you across oceans to exploit your labor, they lure you to the imperial core to do so.

Colonized people aren’t stealing local jobs. They are broken down and made cheap and vulnerable in the job market for contractors to make their bidding.

In spite of the contradiction that amerikkka is keen in keeping it’s demographic as white, they will abuse any “legal” method available to them in bringing “cheap sources” from the colonized working and poor class.

Due to the ongoing situation of COVID-19 in the u.s., many J-1 workers have been heavily impacted, losing their jobs due to the nature of their work.

J-1 workers are forced by travel restrictions to reside in the u.s., with no stimulus check or monetary help coming their way.

Black Hammer is the way forward for all Colonized people!

The Black Hammer Organization (BHO) supports ALL colonized workers, regardless of citizenship status.

BHO understands that the u.s. is an illegitimate settler-colony and has no merit in determining who is “legal” or “illegal.”

Those Colonized peoples are chasing their own resources being hoarded into the united states via the exploitation of their indigenous lands, and Black Hammer is tool which will take it back.

Help donate to the International Relief fund and support J-1 workers who are struggling in these times.

Join Black Hammer today!

Victory to the Colonized Proletariat!

Black Power!

Comrade Sante represents and writes for the colonized people of the Philippines. You will either find Sante relentlessly tweeting how much he hates liberals, or comparing latin empanadas and filipino ones. (p.s. they’re all great)


  1. I was unaware of how morbid the situation actually was. How horrifying is it that the US still plays into the trope of being a safe haven for immigrants. Wish I had more resources to help these people out.

    Great article, looking forward to being informed by more.


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