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Colonized youth are leaving the Unification Church for the Revolution!

By Comrade Llabbe, The Black Hammer Times Staff

I am the second generation of the kingdom of heaven on earth. I am born without original sin. I am a true child of God.

These are some things I was taught as a child raised in the unification church (UC), an international new religion founded by Sun Myung Moon (SMM). 

1920 in Cheongju, Korea, SMM was born during the time of Japanese settler colonialism—who would be driven out to declare the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) above the 38th parallel created by the u.s., whose neocolony in the south would be known as the Republic of Korea (ROK).

As a youth I was raised with the photos of Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Hak Jah Han Moon—the true parents are the second coming of Jesus (according to our scripture, the divine principle) as predicted in the Bible. 

I learned how to bow for conditions (rituals set forth by true parents), to pray for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and, at five years old, participate in the holy wine ceremony, drinking “blessed” wine (causing me to throw up). 

After joining the Anti-Imperialist Army of the communist Party of Korea to fight Japanese occupation, SMM became virulently anti-communist, pro “democracy” and a religious leader proclaiming himself the second coming of Christ.

The way my parents met was typical in the UC. My father lived in Colombia, a Spanish settler colonial nation whose empire was taken by the u.s. after winning against Spain.

Desiring to have a better life, my father followed a family member to New York, joined the UC, and married my mother along with 360,000 other couples who had met that day in a mass wedding.

SMM came to the u.s. in 1971 to expand the membership of the UC, as well as to expand his business ventures, later becoming a billionaire.

At this time my afro-andean family in Colombia was affected by the political violence spurred on by the Nixon’s reassertion of a war on drugs— which revolutionary anti-colonialists know to be a war on African and Colonized people developing their own sovereignty. 

Sun Myung Moon supported white power imperialist projects

SMM supported Nixon, specifically during the Watergate scandal, despite the contradictions of the Church’s values of peace, democracy, and family. 

SMM supported Nixon’s attempts to win the genocidal war in Vietnam and the administration’s overthrow of elected socialist Salvador Allende of Chile and replacement with the capitalist dictator Augosto Pinochet.

SMM supported Nixon’s domestic war on drugs wrecking the familial bonds of African and Colonized parents.

The politics of SMM and the UC were bolstered by the founding of the Washington Times, a hyper conservative news agency participating in racist conspiracy theories, climate denial, and the support for the republikkkan party. 

UC involved itself in the u.s.’ cold war against the liberated nations freed by revolution across Asia, Africa, and South America. The women of these colonized nations are seen as spouses for members in the u.s., Japan, and Korea. 

The UC did not start this exploitation and trafficking of colonized people to the colonized nations, but they participated in it nonetheless, saying that marrying people of enemy nations would bring about world peace quicker . 

Realizing the backward nature of a theocratic monarchy of God, the desire to serve and expand white power, the sexism, trans/homophobia of the UC, many second generation Colonized people don’t wish to follow their parent’s footsteps. 

Black Hammer accepts that religion and spirituality can be a healthy part of one’s life. However, the UC is nothing but a corporate cult supporting global white power, retraumatizing colonized people through a narrow idea of family. 

Black Power!

Comrade Zarco represents and writes for the Afro-Andean diaspora of Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru. You may find this Comrade drinking (up to) 2 liters of vegan Sancocho during general meetings, and read them shout out the comrades on Twitter @slicedbreadline.


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