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Capitalism will never provide—We need self-determination to feed ourselves!

By Black Hammer

White nationalist pundits a lot of the time like to allude to “breadlines” in their desperate, frivolous attacks on any type of socialist project. 

The thing is, during this pandemic, as can be seen in other natural disasters, these “breadlines” exist under capitalism as well. 

Only difference is, under capitalism people have to pay when they get to the end of the line. 

As the government intentionally creates a vulnerable situation to force our Colonized communities into a health crisis, the need for self-reliance in the form of sustainable, collective, agricultural practices is vital. 

Beyond their numerous environmental benefits, these practices help the ongoing battle of separating colonized people from the capitalist mode of production—cultural lifestyles that we practiced before our means of producing and reproducing life for ourselves was brutally interrupted by the international colonial assault on our communities. 

In a growing time of food insecurity, these agricultural practices in addition to the establishment of feeding programs, food banks, as well as community gardens, farms and kitchens, will help meet the needs of all the people when the government has failed to do so. 

The needs of the hungry worker usurp all others, afterall, it is hard to find the energy to engage in class warfare when you are worried about where your next meal is going to come from. 

In full recognition that these needs require immediate attention, they, without radical transformation, will in no doubt be reoccuring under the capitalist system. 

In search of short-term as well as permanent solutions for the dietary needs of the colonized proletariat it is important to look at past, as well as current revolutionary movements across the world. 

“Survival pending revolution” is a concept procured by the Black Panther Party, it is the driving ideology behind their survival programs: Programs including their free breakfast, free food, and food cooperative programs. 

Programs such as these, which came with intensive yet accessible political education, serve as a safety net for food insecure individuals while at the same time combating liberalism. 

The lumpenproletariat are coming soley for a meal but are leaving with a full stomach, as well as a material analysis of the conditions they are living under. 

While state oppression never alloted the Black Panthers the opportunity to see the full vision of their programs manifested, they still served as an important revolutionary stepping stone for the most successful vanguard party in the history of the united snakes. 

Establishment of these food programs can, however, lead to a contradiction on the supply side. 

Being that there is no ethical consumption under capitalism; can a party which is establishing a food program that teaches that the horrors of capitalism are the reasons for hunger, in good consciousness, continuously supply those food programs with products purchased under the capitalist system? 

Can they show up every week to the local park with a couple thousand chicken nuggets from McDonald’s and some pamphlets preaching how capitalism sucks?

While understandable in the short term, the goal of supplying programs like this with food from community gardens and farms should be a primary focus. This serves mainly to separate the food system from the capitalist mode of production; however it can also serve as an example of self-sufficiency to the people, hopefully encouraging instances of subsistence agriculture. 

Not to mention there is an added health benefit to escaping the consumption of mass-produced, genetically modified livestock and produce. 

Growing our own is a win-win

Growing food sustainably in the community adds nutritional value, as foods can be selectively harvested and eaten almost immediately which is when they have their highest nutritional value. 

Store-bought produce is typically picked early, allowing it to stay ripe longer. There would be a decreased rate of food contamination as the people will be aware of exactly what they are eating; aware of what chemicals or lack-there-of come in contact with their crops. 

Along with the added physical and mental health benefits of maintaining a garden, collective agricultural practices will lead to a healthy Colonized proletariat. 

Colonized people all over the world are exploited by the millions to feed the global supply chain: The same global supply chain that produces massive amounts of food waste each year, doing its part in ravaging the environment. 

Establishment of community gardens/farms as well as food programs serves to break this supply chain, whilst ensuring the food needs of the proletariat are still met. 

Doing so not only serves to disrupt the capitalist mode of production but ensures not only a healthy, well-fed cadre but a healthy, vigorous revolutionary movement as well. 

Black Hammer (BH) is in the process of creating community gardens all over the world, wherever our Colonized comrades are!

The Political Education and Culture Command of BH is on the frontlines educating our people on different gardening techniques amidst this current, colonial pandemic. You can find these videos on all of our social media pages.

Join BH by signing up at and be a part of this Revolution that will usher in worldwide self-determination and socialism led by the Colonized masses!

Black Power!



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