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Trump attempts to rescue the dying colonial-capitalist economy through immigration ban

By Comrade Sante, Black Hammer Times Staff

With the crux of the COVID-19 pandemic restricting travel internationally and nationally, amerikkka has stepped up to the podium to declare that it is ramping up its anti-immigration policies.

According to a recent tweet by orange president, donald trump, the u.s. is planning to suspend green cards and immigration for 60 days over fears of COVID-19.

Although he later clarified in a statement that this would only apply to green card seekers, his anti-immigration policies are still deeply rooted in amerikkka’s colonial history.

Since trump has taken seat on the global throne of terrorism, immigration has dwindled, refugee settlement programs have been slashed, and asylum-seekers are being kept out by the wall of “white supremacy.”

The economic conditions created by this pandemic in a white power, capitalist system are harming colonized peoples–both nationally and globally.

The potus of the united snakes claims that the country ‘must first take care of the amerikkkan worker,’ which translates to ‘immigrants are stealing jobs that belong to the white working class.’

He is unabashedly showing his support for the interests of the white middle and upper class who are currently protesting to open up the amerikkkan economy.

Trump’s proposal demonstrates that the bourgeois class—the business owners, immigration hard-liners, and anti-immigration interest groups—do NOT care for the needs of colonized peoples.

The pandemic has let its bloody course run, erasing over 22 million jobs across the country. This is something we haven’t seen since the Great Depression, and amerikkka is struggling to retain its hold on so-called normality.

Now, the survival of society is solely dependent on “essential workers” – such as farmers or grocery store employees – who are not only being paid lower wages, but are at a greater risk of being infected.

Immigrants are on the frontlines of this pandemic. 35 percent of the entire crop production workforce in the u.s. is occupied by colonized workers from the Global South – or as the bourgeois calls them: “seasonal guest workers.”

The naming of the Global South population as “seasonal guest workers” not only suggests that the u.s. is not interested in the ongoing transformation of colonized peoples in the amerikkkan white bourgeoisie, it also creates an endless loop of attractive but replaceable labor forces in order to gain more income from the hands of colonized peoples.

On top of this, white house chiefs are planning to reduce the wages of immigrant farm workers in order to ‘help’ u.s. (white) farmers who are struggling with this toppling capitalist economy.

Colonized workers have to make a choice between putting food on the table and risking being infected with this coronavirus–all while large, privatized farms are dumping milk, plowing vegetables, and smashing eggs due to a lack of business.

Anti-immigration of colonized peoples has been the fabric of amerikkkan society – from the Yellow Peril anti-Chinese movement in the 19th century to the 21st century Muslim ban under the trump regime.

Land of the free?

History dictates that amerikkka is not, in fact, the “land of the free,” but a death chamber for the exploited.

It’s clear to us that the white bourgeois prefers to see colonized people die on the streets or be locked up in detention centers.

We feel it’s important, not only to discuss amerikkka’s demonization of colonized peoples through immigration policies, but also the dependence on cheap labor being imported on a temporary basis for the benefit of the settlers of this illegitimate nation.

This recent proposal isn’t just a demonstration of outward racism and xenophobia, it is a tradition of the legacy of colonial-capitalism, where our people are forced to leave their exploited countries to chase their own resources in amerikkka.

As long as this system persists – no matter what president or shameless neoliberal policy – colonized people are dying and will die on the daily.

Join the Black Hammer movement that is uniting all poor and working colonized people!



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