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White power imperialism falsely report on Kim Jong Un’s health condition

By Comrade Jo, Black Hammer Times Staff

On April 20, 2020, Jim Sciutto, a CNN contributor, sent out an ominous tweet about the health of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) chairman of the Workers Party and Marshal of the Republic, Kim Jong Un.

Sciutto claims that an anonymous united states official with “direct knowledge” on the situation had told him state intelligence was monitoring the health of Kim Jong Un.

The tweet is linked with a full breaking news-style article, claiming the Korean leader to be in “grave danger” following a recent medical procedure.

This claim comes from the Daily NK, a news source directly linked to the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and is a united states non-governmental organization (NGO). They are focused on generating propaganda to undermine anti imperialist governments.

The counterrevolutionary NED is infamously known to have funneled money into anti-Chavez and anti-Maduro campaigns in Venezuela in an effort to destabilize and undo the Bolivarian Revolution.

As it turns out, these claims have been deemed untrue by officials from the Chinese International Liaison Department and South Korean government.

Both sources say they do not believe that the Workers Party Chairman is in critical condition and have detected no unusual behavior from the DPRK.

Despite the claim being initially unverified and inevitably false, it did not take long for this report to circulate around western imperialist media. The Daily Mail, Bloomberg News, and the Associated Press all hastily regurgitated the claims made by the anonymous united states official.

Bringing up the DPRK and their leader Kim Jong Un’s name caught the public’s attention.

Kim Jong Un became the number one trend on Twitter, reeling in the racist jokes, false labels, characterizations of “a murderous dictator,” and insulting comparisons to fascist leaders like Hitler. They have hypocritically failed to include every Western imperialist leader who enacted genocide on the world’s colonized proletariat.

The very mention of North Korea brews a storm of misinformation, racism, and panic amongst the american public, which leads to distinct racialization of the colonized people of Korea worldwide.

The characterization of Kim Jong Un as a “reckless and unstable” leader ignores and misleads the principled fight he has led against united states hegemony.

The DPRK has a commitment to nonviolence—their “No First Use” policy on nuclear weapons is largely disregarded by the western media.

The history of slander against DPRK and anti-imperialist nations

This is not the first time the united states falsely reported on the DPRK. In 2013, it was reported by the Huffington Post that Kim Jong Un’s ex-girlfriend, Hyon Song Wol, had been executed for making a sex tape.

This is a blatantly false lie. Hyon Song Wol was elected to Workers Party Central Committee in 2017.

In 2016, the New York Times reported that a top executive, Ri Yong Gil, had been executed under the orders of Kim Jong Un.

Three months after that report, he was found alive and appointed to two new senior level positions by the same people that the united states tried to claim were his executioners.

The american state apparatus has a long track record of making false claims. They claimed Iraq was developing nuclear weapons of mass destruction prior to the Iraq war. The truth of the imperialist Vietnam War was hidden until the leak of the Pentagon Papers, where information about the violence and routine bombings on the Vietnamese people was revealed.

These lies serve to invent a reality, set the goalposts for “reasonable discourse,” and make the united states the protagonist of the world heralding “freedom” and “democracy” to the Third World.

As of late, the Korean peninsula has been generating quite the stories. Both countries on the peninsula were successful at stifling the spread of COVID-19 and daily life appears to be slowly returning back to normal.

Korean reunification efforts seem to be looking up. The results of the recent South Korean congressional elections produced a landslide for the pro-reunification party, after the completion of the Candlelight Revolution that ousted fascist president Park Geun Hye in 2016.

However, the South Koreans’ electoral effort may have failed to bring about the desired change. Seeing as the united states controls South Korea’s military and has stationed roughly 29,000 soldiers on the southern peninsula, it will prove to be difficult for the Korean people to exercise any type of autonomy.

As things stand now, the divided Korea cannot reunify on their own, much less declare an end to the ongoing Korean War­; South Korea is not a signatory on the armistice for their own war, while the united states is.

The DPRK and the People’s Republic of China are the other members of the armistice. If South Korea wishes to end the ongoing conflict through diplomatic and bureaucratic means, they are forced to peddle to the unreasonable demands of the colonial american empire.

While the Korean people collectively seek peace, the american government seeks to disrupt solidarity. We are in full unity with the colonized Korean proletariat and support anti-imperialist action against the gangster that is the united states.

Victory to the Korean proletariat!

Overturn colonial-capitalism!

Join Black Hammer!




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