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Black Sellouts who are Women or Queer Must also be held accountable!

By: Commander in Chief Gazi Kodzo

Dementia Joe Biden said in the last Democratic Party Debate, that if he was president, he’d look forward “to making sure there’s a Black woman on the Supreme Court.” We already know for 100% that this Black Woman would be an avid supporter of American Settler-Colonialism, Imperialism, and Capitalism. 

This Black Woman would be like Joe Biden’s friend Michelle Obama who didn’t say a word of support to the African and colonized mothers who lost their children to police terrorism and imperialist military drone strikes. This Black Woman would be like his friend, Stacey Abrams, who in her own words says she is an “unwavering ally” to Israel’s white nationalist genocide of the Palestinian people. This Black Woman would be much like Joe Biden’s friend and hinted VP Candidate Kamala Harris who doesn’t unite with reparations to African people and put the mass incarceration of Black People in California on steroids.

Colonized women in the US House of Representatives

These neo-colonial puppet creatures are only Black Women when they need to fool the public to hide the blood of their own people on their hands. These are the kinds of Black Women Joe Biden approves of, the kind the Democratic Party approves of, and the kind Amerikkka approves of. Sellout Black Women that put individual capitalist success over the lives and well-being of their own people!

This new petty bourgeoisie sellout “Women of Color” is the Democratic Party’s answer to the exploitation and genocide being faced by colonized people. The sellout “Man of Color” puppet has lost its effect thanks to Barack Obomber. The latest version of sellout now comes in the package of a Black Woman or Queer person. This gives the colonial machine of death a more progressive face. 

Stacey Abrams at a campaign event.

This also gives the imperialist sellouts protection from criticism. If you criticize a Black Woman neo-colonial leader that promotes the destruction and murder of poor and working-class Black women by the hands of the police, then you are a misogynist. If the neo-colonial sellout happens to be a trans person of color that supports economic extractions from the Black community which puts poor and working-class colonized trans people at risk, then you are transphobic. What a foolish tactic that the liberal protection of Black Women and Queer people only shields and centers the African Bootlickers on the porch and not the African proletariat working in the fields.  

We as colonized freedom fighters can not hold back one blow to the colonizers! If sellouts from our nation choose the side of the oppressor then they must face the same fate of defeat as their massa! They must feel the same fire that we give to the colonizer! The neo-colonial sellouts cannot be shielded by their gender, queerness, or disability! 

During the revolution of Azania (South Africa) they would hunt their sellouts down put tires on their necks, wet it with gasoline and light it on fire! This kind of tactic was done not just to deal with the current sellout, but as a signal to anyone that wished to be a sellout in the future! 

If you are a sellout I don’t care what you identify as your main identifier to colonized people and our liberation is a sellout! Petty Bourgeoisie! Neo-colonial Puppet! CLASS ENEMY! The only thing Colonized freedom fighters have for you is a tire necklace! So choose wisely! 

Black Women and Queers like Assata Shakur, Fannie Lou Hammer, Harriet Tubman, Marsha P. Johnson, and Ella Baker can never become part of the Supreme Court or Washington DC! Instead, all of these women were put on hit lists by Washington and terrorized and hunted down by the American government! We uphold and Celebrate African Revolutionary Women and Queers in the United Snakes fighting for liberation! African Revolutionary Women and Queers like Chief Nyah Akerele  of Black Hammer, Erica Ryan of Black Alliance for Peace, Onyesonwu Chatoyer of AAPRP, Margaret Kimberley of Black Agenda Report and the thousands of other African Women and Queer Revolutionaries! Down with neo-colonial sellout Africans! UP with African Revolutionaries! A




  1. When It comes to getting political power inside the boundaries of neoliberal media, criticism of certain protected groups increases the chances of your movement being killed just because its easy to keep going “lol your antisemetic/anti lgbt/misogynist/etc”.

    What should proggressives do against such odds?


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