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Melanin Queens and Sunscreen

By: Comrade Brianna

It’s a common misconception that our African and other melanated  people don’t have to protect ourselves against the sun.You often hear things like “I’m black I don’t need sunscreen” when in all actually that’s not the case! 

The sun can be one of the main factors for premature aging and skin damage so all skin no matter of race needs to be protected from the sun. 

As summer is approaching I wanted to give some helpful skincare tips to keep your skin nice and glowing but also protected the skin is the biggest organ on the body and needs lots of TLC.

 As an esthetician I often get asked ”what’s best for my skin or  what I should be using?” and I always l say…… keep it simple. I don’t know where you from but where I’m from we like to also keep it affordable .

 A good rule of thumb is cleanse tone and moisturize. You want to make sure you are using a simple gentle every day cleanser, I love the cetaphil daily facial cleanser its non comedogenic(meaning its won’t clog your pores) and suitable for all skin types. Keep in mind when looking for products it’s important to find products that are dermatologist recommended and not dermatologist tested. 

Next we move on to toner and this is where I like to keep it very basic which hazel is my favorite toner to use for it’s amazing benefits. Which hazel is anti-inflammatory, helps fight against acne and also it’s very calming for the skin and helps to get up any extra oils and dirt that the cleanser may have missed. 

Next step in your routine should be moisturizer and again keep it simple and affordable always make sure your moisturizer is fragrance free.

I always like to get one That has spf. So again bringing it back to my good sis cetaphils daily facial moisturizer with an spf of 50(as long as your moisturizer has an spf of at least 30 that will suffice) and for the last finish touch and to get your melanin glowing and poppin! 

I love to use the Neutrogena hydroboost moisturizer( if you have oily skin I would stay away from this as this would produce more oils throughout the day) I love this moisturizer because it contains one of my favorite ingredients hyaluronic acid. 

Hyaluronic acid is a humectant which basically means it helps attach and attract moisture to skin keeping you nice and moisturized all day but to be the most efficient it needs to be coupled with an inclusive ingredient which is why I use the cetaphil moisturizer as well.

 If you aren’t in the sun a lot of the day you can stop there but for my beach babes you want to make sure to reapply sunscreen every two hours. For sunscreen for the face I suggest the Neutrogena hydro boost gel moisturizing sunscreen(spf of 50) and if you have oily skin I would go with the Neutrogena clear face liquid lotion sunscreen (spf of 55 and also oil free).

For your everyday skin care routine it doesn’t have to be complicated keep it simple, keep it Fragrance free…. keep it affordable…..and most important keep it protected. 




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