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Trillion’s Way – Ch. 3: Bye bye baby

Trillion’s Way – Ch. 3: Bye bye baby


“He he he he he! You so nastyyyyy! Uh uh, stop itttt!”, I hear Damu coo to whoever he’s on the phone with. I roll my eyes. This whore!

“Loose booty slut bucket!”, I mouth to him as I enter the kitchen grabbing a biscuit. He flips me off as he rushes into the den to continue his conversation.

Biscuits, eggs, grits, bacon AND fruit? Did Damu get some last night? I laugh to myself.

Damu knew he could whittle me down to my absolute last nerve but I wouldn’t trade him for the world! He was partial to the reason why I casted aside my petty bourgeoisie aspirations and dedicated my life to the revolution.

Former high school dance captain, he stood at 5’9 with skin the color of freshly ground cinnamon and had locs down to the middle of his back. He was also GSNA,  LOUD and extremely outspoken when it came to the issues of our people. He wasn’t gonna let no ashy fake deeps, hoteps, and hotepesses keep him from fighting for the liberation of black people everywhere.

Knowing each other for 2 years, Damu and I had been through so much together. He was my Comrade for life!

As I take my seat at the dining table with my plate of food, he swooshes back into the kitchen. I smile into my cup of orange juice. He’s so extra!

“Where would your broke bum ass be without me?”, he sighs up to the ceiling with the likeness of a boy-infatuated middle school girl. He takes his seat across from me.

Taking a bite of sausage I respond, “ask yo daddy! He’s the one who takes care of me!”

“Watch your mouth you slut!” he exclaims as he throws a grape at me. We burst into laughter.

“You must’ve gotten some good dick last night to have prepared a breakfast like this! What’s the occasion bitch?” I ask. Damu doesn’t cook unless he has good news.

“Well..” he begins as he laces his fingers under his chin with a sly grin. “Sean and I have decided to make it official!”

I point a fork full of scrambled eggs towards him. “Watch it you guttersnipe,” I say with laughable anger. “I let you get away with sniffing his dirty underwear but you better stay away from my brother!”

He draws in a sharp breath, placing his hand to his chest in fake shock! “Fuck you bitch!” he screams as we both laugh ourselves into tears. “You get on my nerves!” he manages to say as we both wipe our eyes.

“No but for real. The last time you cooked like this was when we found out that your sister was pregnant. What’s going on Mu?” I ask.

He smiles immediately as he places both hands on the table top. I roll my eyes!

“Come on girl, spit it out!” I yell with a laugh! His dramatics kill me!

“Whew! Ok girl.” He pauses as he looks up at the ceiling. “You sure you ready for this?” he asks as he tilts his head to the side.

I’m gonna choke this bitch! I pull my fork back, threatening to stab him as he jumps back in his chair with a shriek.

“Amani! Why you gotta be so violentttt?” he says with a drag as he pulls his bathrobe closer to his neck.

“Stop playing Damu! Tell me!” I whine as I stomp my feet into the floor.

He flashes that toothy grin.

“We got the place!” he squeals while shaking the table.

I immediately jump up.

“Damu. Do not play with me. Are you serious?” I ask with uncertainty.

He simply nods his head as he smiles.

For a moment I just stand there comprehending the news I’ve just received. I close my eyes, tilting my head back as the excitement builds. Finally I think to myself. Our own place?! Atlanta here we come!

I then go into a fake shout.

Damu immediately starts clapping! “Yassssss! Praise white baby jesus!” he sings as I cut my little step. We both laugh until we’re outta breath.

It’s been a long time coming! Though my brothers never complained about us staying with them, especially since Damu and I could throw down in the kitchen, I couldn’t help but feel that we were burdens.

Two 25 year old MEN deciding to quit their jobs to start a revolutionary organization wasn’t something our families agreed with entirely but my brothers always got behind whatever I decided to do. Even if that meant crashing at their “man-cave”. Sean and Brandon were my greatest supporters!

Knowing this was what we both wanted to do, Mu and I planned to live off of our savings for the time being until we got our organization off the ground. Things were definitely on the up and up!

“Omg!” I continuously repeat as I take my seat. “That must’ve been Quazi you were on the phone with! Girl! You got that boy T Pain sprung!” I giggle, taking another bite of sausage.

Damu throws both his hands into the air. “What can I say? My man is the best ain’t he?” he proclaims with a smile.

I couldn’t help but smile in return. “Yes girl, yes he is!” I confess.

Damu and Quazi met at a rally we were attending in Atlanta about 2 years ago. They spotted each other in the crowd and that was that! Quazi has been trying to get us in Atlanta ever since. 6’3 with the body of a pro football linebacker, Quazi was a giant compared to Damu and that’s just how Damu liked it. I envied how easily they were able to fall for each other.

Quazi was a big time realtor who was making serious bank in the A. What also made Quazi so appealing was that he was a revolutionary as well, fighting the gentrification that was rapidly eating up the West End. Properties were being bought up by white corporations like crazy!

Luckily his parents had a two story townhouse there that they had recently renovated and wanted to put on the housing market. I don’t know what kind of voodou Damu was working but he got Quazi to convince his parents to rent it out to us. Praise white baby jesus indeed!

“So! Quazi and his parents have prepared the lease. They want to meet with us to go over it so we can sign it and pay our security deposit!” Damu squeals with excitement. “We will be able to move in on the 5th of next month!”

My mouth falls open in complete shock. This is just too much! “Tell them to fax that lease over so we can sign it NOW!” I say with a laugh, giving Damu a high five.

My excitement fades suddenly as Shamir’s face flashes before me. The 5th of next month? That’s only two weeks away! Should I tell him I’m leaving?, I think to myself.

But wait, why would I? I don’t owe him anything! I’m moving to a entirely new city where no one knows me. New possibilities, new people, a whole new timu!

“Alright jezebel! Make sure you let all ya lil’ thots know that their harem is disbanded!” Damu laughs. I roll my eyes as I smile. “Speaking of thots, how’d it go with my fave last night?”

“Your who?” I ask sarcastically. Is it worth letting Damu know that Shamir has iced himself out? We’re moving to the A! Why does it matter?




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