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#BrandonSurvived, So we organize!


Through a literal miracle #BrandonSurvived! The Columbia South Carolina pigs did what all u.s. pigs do; they harassed, brutalized, and in this case tried to murder a Black man. Brandon unlike so many of our African brothers, sisters, and gender non conforming family who have been brutalized by the pigs, survived the vicious execution-style encounter.

This African Brother, who worked two jobs to provide for his family, left work early the mourning of August 24th only to get harassed by the pig chief, Sean Rollins. This is after the pigs were already targeting and intimidating him at his jobs prior to the incident. 

First of all, Brandon’s first Job was on private property so they shouldn’t even have been on the premises to get his tags. They illegally inspected his vehicle, took his plates, and left him with a threat “ I know where you are. I know how to get you now”. said a friend of the pig who attempted to execute Bandon. These pigs are a straight-up terrorist organization.

These disgusting white nationalists ambushed this brother as he left his job at 2:30 Am. Sean Rollins stalked the brother in the early hours of the morning and carried out an assassination attempt. Shooting Brandon twice in the head. One bullet which went between his brain and his skull, another that grazed his head. Brandon could hear them orchestrating a lie about why they shot him, as he bled out on the pavement

Of course, the pig department didn’t want Sean Rollins to suffer any consequences for doing what is expected of american pigs so they put him on paid leave.

So just to recap: these agents of parasitic capitalism and white power illegally searched his vehicle, harassed and threatened him. That same day these terrorists illegally stopped him in the middle of the night and shot him twice in the head!

We have also received reports of harassment, while Brandon was still hospitalized, fighting for his life to recover from the incident, by other friends of the pig department. Brandon even had to sit through unauthorized interrogation from the murderous pig’s cousin. At one point they even blocked his own mother from visiting him.

 #BrandonSurvived what so many African and colonized children and people have not. This is why we must fight to protect the truth, by supporting and standing behind Brandon, who is the victim of a heinous murder attempt.

Brandon is currently being held captive under horrible conditions at  Alvin S Glen detention center. He is in the medical ward working to recover. We encourage all readers to show their support for Brandon by signing the petition, and by writing to him to express your solidarity.

If you would like to help organize to destroy the parasitic capitalist system that employs these pigs to terrorize colonized working-class communities, join The Black Hammer Organization, signup today!

The Black Hammer Organization wishes  Brandon a complete recovery from this horrific attack. We hope you are suing the hell out of that terrorist department because they owe you your family and the community levels of reparations.

We demand black community control of the police! The Black Hammer organization recognizes that the role of the pigs is to terrorize working-class colonized people. It is their job to keep the colonized working class under the boot of the white ruling class. We know that the only way to truly end these horrific acts of violence is by ending the capitalist colonial system that it protects. Because this pig can just join another force somewhere else in the country. Until then we demand that the black and colonize community have full dictatorship over the hiring and termination of the officers who terrorize their community. Only by liberating ourselves from the shackles of capitalism, colonialism, and imperialism can we stop the Pigs from terrorizing our people.


Help us build to end this parasitic system once and for all. To join and for more information on the case visit blackhammer.org




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