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Chief General Secretary Gigi Lopez : 2019 Summary

Black Power Comrades,

I want to start by appreciating Chief Gazi for nominating me this year for the Black Hammer Secretary General Position. At the beginning, I was extremely excited about it and I almost couldn’t believe it myself; but then I remember for being a revolutionary for such a short period of time, I did find myself dedicated to the revolution, to the people, to this org.

I do consider myself an organized person in colonial work life, not necessarily in my personal spaces but ever since starting this position, I feel like all aspects of my life has become more organized. Self-reflecting, I do want to be self-critical for not actively working on my duties as General Secretary but joining all committees and feeling completely overworked; so much so that I failed to put some things of higher priority first—things that pertain to the role I had united on. 

My role is to work closely with Chief Gazi, but I struggled a lot with subjectivism and liberalism; both things I didn’t truly understand by just reading them through Political Education, but by living them through different struggles within our cadre committee and especially within myself. I want to thank each one of my cadre leadership for teaching a skill that I had never learned before. 

Gazi: thank you for teaching me how to speak up. Nyah: thank you for teaching me that no matter how much work I think we have, there’s always more and to always be so kind and available. I truly look up to you. Dia: thank you for teaching me this year to be more lively on camera. I don’t like being on video and the first time I hosted a meeting by myself, which you pushed me to do, I appreciate you for pushing me to my full potential. Mouhamadou: you are such a dope writer, political educator I want to thank you for being on the streets of ATL and teaching me how to connect with the masses of the people, how to engage with them, and how conversate with them. You’re truly the best at doing outreach. Rob: thank you for teaching me endless P.E and documentaries, for believing in me and constantly letting me know how proud you are of me, but also with struggling with me the most—for the endless back and forth that made me a stronger revolutionary.

Organizing the Orlando Homeless Food Drive was very eye-opening and the responses of the masses who wanted to support us was one of the best feelings. Being able to inspire other chapters like the East Coast chapter and supporting them with the knowledge I was able to obtain through my leadership was one of my favorite things of 2019. 

It was a fun, challenging, rewarding year, but I do know I could’ve given more of me. I could have organized and worked more closely with Chief Gazi, who has a lot of experience and years of organizing. And, instead of spending so much time trying to prove why I felt I was correct in all situations, I could have fell back and listened to someone else’s perspective.

Thank you to everyone and the people for believing in me and inspiring me daily. My goal for 2020 is to fight liberalism, subjectivism and to build confidence, and as we promised the people in our first 2020 meeting: to NEVER give up and push through!

Black Power.

-Gigi Lopez



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