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Make Joining the Revolution your New Year’s Revolution.

If 2019 has shown black people anything, it should show us that the empire is falling and it is time for us to take power over our own lives and destiny to usher in all that we can be in freedom! The liberal part of this sinking slave ship we call America is falling first into the sea. This part of the ship has given us comforts while we were on this slave ship. This side of the ship took our chains off. They let us clean ourselves. They taught us English and gave us their god. The pirates that stole us let us eat with them. They let our kids go to school with their kids. They even let us vote in their election of who this slave ship’s next captain would be. They even let us play ship captain for eight years.

But what we have to understand is that this side of the ship wasn’t saving us to save us. They were pretending to save us to save themselves.

You see, this liberal side of the ship saw that we were important in order to keep the ship afloat. They knew that we built the wood and that we manned the sails. Even more so, they knew that the sea the ship was on the waters of our blood. If ever it was that we understood the magnitude of our power and that we didn’t simply build America, we would see that we ARE the sea it floats on.

At any moment we have the power to command these seas comprised of our blood to make a crushing wave to destroy the ship and wipe it off the face of the earth! The sea does not need the ship. The ship needs the sea! It’s only an illusion that the ship commands the seas, as it sails with or without the kindness of the sea. But we don’t see ourselves as the sea. We see ourselves as they want us to see us; through their vision and perception. We see these little black bodies and we see that all of our problems are the product of trying our best to mimic white bodies.

For this ship to be manned by us, we have to be manipulated to believe that it is keeping us safe, not captive. We must be forced to believe that our greatness can only be seen and judged through the lens of this ship! WHAT IS A SHIP TO AN OCEAN?!! Yes, white people are the parasite to colonized people! BUT THE HOST IS ALWAYS GREATER THAN THE PARASITE! We are the ones of abundance and they have always been the ones of inadequacy. Even now, with all of the wars, diseases, and famine they have forced on we Colonized people for almost 600 years, we are still and yet the majority by vast numbers.

The Labour party in the United Kingdom has shown that even with all the promises of freebies, the liberal part of the ship is still sinking first. The trick isn’t working like it once did. The election of Donald Trump in America and the mess of the election that the Democrats are trying to control is a show of the weakening grasp of America’s liberals. Bernie is promising free medicare and free education—that’s not budging it. There were Democratic candidates that promised reparations and one thousand dollars for every person. Yet, the people are unamused and the liberal side continues to sink faster. The Conservative side is promising more violence towards Colonized people! That’s it! They can call it immigration, crime, military, gun rights or whatever, but all it is is more violence geared towards Colonized people, in a less aversive sense. Not because white people would rather see us in pain than have food on their tables, but because American whites understand that inciting violence on Colonized people puts food on their table.

I say let this ship sink. I say help it sink if you like. More importantly, though, it’s due time that we focus on building our own ship! A ship that doesn’t thrive and live off our blood. A ship that promises a future for our children and their descendants. A ship in which no one lives at the expense of another. Let’s build a world for us and by us. 

To unite with a revolutionary organization should be on every colonized person’s New Years’ resolution list. The time is now to unite and organize so that we can be and move with the power of a tsunami against the global white power structure. This is a resolution. This is a commitment to submerge all remains of their colonial empire, capitalist exploitation, and imperialist genocide beneath the waves of Black Power!

So make joining the revolution your New Year’s resolution. Join The Black Hammer Organization today.

Black Power !





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