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Thanksgiving and the African Revolutionary

By: Chief Gazi Kodzo

Well, it’s that time of the year, comrades when we are gravitated by guilt back towards our family for the Colonizer’s Holiday Season. The first Holiday is Thanksgiving, where the resources of the working class are pocketed by farmers and airlines.

Thanksgiving has a special place in the hearts of Colonized Revolutionaries. It either speaks to a time where you witnessed a family member exposing the colonial holiday for its brutal genocidal nature or you were that family member that did the exposing. I remember I learned about the natives being the first people of this land in first grade. No matter how nice my teacher tried to make the story about them three ships sound, I was very clear on who the bad guys and good guys were. I made an announcement on that Thanksgiving how disgusted I was by this story.

We should all know by now that Thanksgiving is nothing but the celebration of stolen land by way of murdering millions of indigenous people. It’s giving thanks for the bedrock of colonialism which birthed capitalism, which is white people’s life support. How do white people become the parasites of the human race and the planet and then find special days to celebrate that inhuman relationship is beyond me.

Even though it’s beyond me cause I’m not a parasite, let me try though. The white peasantry class lived in feudal Christendom (known now as Europe). They were starving, overworked by landlords, sent to die in me

aningless wars by Royals, and left to die by diseases because their ruling class did not provide adequate living conditions. They were told that all their problems was because some God in the sky was angry at them and they were not worshiping him well enough. They believed this so much they would send their children to the mountains unbeknownst to them to be sold by the Catholic Church as labor and sex slaves. 


Think to live in such a horrible predicament. Where you were surrounded by poverty, filth, and oppression. Then one day a messenger is sent from the castle with good news for all. That the Royals want to send you off to Africa and the Americas where there is lush green land and gold! That these new lands were a blessing from God because you have been such good Christians.

So you pack up to go to this new land and to take what’s yours!

Because of the horrible conditions under a feudal economic system you are savagely hungry for a life of health and wealth. You’ve been looking at how the Royals and Landlords live wonderfully while your belly stayed empty, it’s finally your time to shine like them!

Now you are in America, but there is a little problem you have to get these natives off the land so that you can have the heaven you were promised. Not a big deal as these are “savages” that don’t believe in your God, so you go at it and kill them! You kill the men the women and even the children because you are hungry and the less of them means the more land and food for you.

This was the transformation in the blood that was shed all around the world by white peasants that transformed them into the white worki

ng-class we know today. Imperialism birthed the white working class and redefined the rules of membership for the white ruling class.

Thanksgiving is truly a holiday born of the transformation in blood. You know how in school you were taught that Thanksgiving was the day that the Pilgrims gave thanks to the Natives for helping them to survive in the New World!? Well, the reality is that Thanksgiving started out as a celebration of thanks that colonial volunteers returned safely from the massac

re of 700 Pequot Indigenous. Yes! Massachusetts threw a celebratory feast of thanks to commemorating the safe return of murdering colonists. 

To know the duality of Thanksgiving is to know the duality of the world. The system feeds the Colonizer at the expense of the Colonized. Our poison is their cure. Our funerals are their holidays. We as colonized people are conditioned to come together on days we should be enraged. We must silence our conscious and focus on the valuable fleeting time we have with our family. The familythat you rarely see because capitalism tears you away from family and keeps you on the clock more than off the clock.

The African relative that uses this time of fellowship to spread some kind of awakening because they see the pain colonialism causes their family members? Well, that African is usually cast aside as an annoyance. The people are under so much pain and see no end so we focus on reveling in the times when the pain takes a break. The people just want to eat food that kills them because it tastes good and ignore a system that kills them cause it feels good.

I say this all to say speak your revolutionary shit, African, and enjoy grandma’s mac and cheese. Nothing says a Black Thanksgiving like a woke Black family member in a dashiki talking that revolutionary shit.

I can’t wait to have a Holiday that celebrates the death of white power!



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