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So What Had Happened Was…


By: Chief Gazi Kodzo

(Before I start any juicy story I always begin with that line. It feels like the ghetto oath of honesty)

This article will accomplish two things. First, give y’all a behind the scenes play by play of what happened. Secondly, give a summation of the reaction that I received from the people.

A few weeks ago, I went on The Jesse Peterson Show. Jesse Peterson is a vile neocolonial sellout that has received his claim to fame by relentlessly making unprincipled attacks on African and other colonized people. All while clamping his lips to the ass of white nationalist straight cis males.

Jesse is a Black man in his 70’s with a career based on being an online troll. Like Kanye West, he believes he is doing something so much greater, unique, and radical than any other Black person. Instead of acknowledging that oppressed people must have an oppressor, they are ignoring that material fact and holding onto the metaphysical belief that we, Black people, are oppressing ourselves. Also, he believes that we are in this situation because we just ain’t being ‘proper humans’. When I say ‘proper humans’ I mean white people. We are not being as ‘white’ as we can be therefore we are faced with the vast contradictions of colonialism. However, this is not how oppression works.

White people live a life better than African and other colonized people because white people live at the expense of African and colonized people. No matter how many degrees we have, how much money we save, how we dress, how eloquently we talk, or even if we become better Christians than white folks, we will still be the host and they will always be the parasite. The Haitians, The Chinese, The Cubans, and etc. did not claim their liberation through becoming better white people, but from tearing the parasite of white people off of their backs!

Image of Jesse Lee Peterson on The Steve Malzberg Show 

Jesse Lee Peterson is neither nuanced or groundbreaking. He loves to talk about the Africans that sold other Africans into slavery. Well yes, a minority of Africans were sellouts. Jesse Lee Peterson is a modern-day continuation of that sellout traitor.

So why did I decide to do the interview?

Well, I was originally asked to be on this tired ass show in 2017. I went to do the show, but one of his producers referred to me by my colonial name as a joke. So, I got my stuff and did not do the interview. Ever since they have been requesting me to do the interview. Actually, they were begging.

Recently, I decided to go forward with doing the show because what I am witnessing right now is the fierce recruitment of Africans to join the Republican Party. What we have to understand though is that it is working because the Democratic Party is nothing but the liberal sector of the white ruling class. What Africans also need to realize is that the Republicans are nothing but a conservative sector of the white ruling class. Their shit doesn’t smell or taste any better.

Another reason that I went forward with the show was to defend my African and Colonized people. We are shown love and defended so rarely. I don’t mean ‘love’ in the context of this “Black Excellence” crap that insinuates that you should only love Black people when we receive a college degree, own a business, or is a dog of the state. I mean loving Black folks who are poor and working-class; those of us who are spat on and told that we will never accomplish or be anything: We who are given shit just for wanting to dance or have our own style and we who create all the wealth in the world but are told we ain’t nothing but broke ain’t shit bitches and niggas.

When my Black Hammer Comrades and I first met, we had decided that it was going to be a full take over and that we weren’t gonna attempt to portray dignified dialogue. We saw that the Jesse Lee Peterson brand and team were nothing but ruthless slanderous thugs that continuously attack any meaningful political movement and protect the status quo. They do so in a way that demeans the political fight that the show’s guests represent.

Look, I’m here doing what I am doing because my people are dying. My people are being shot, beaten, and tortured to death. Any way that you can think of how a person can be killed is how Capitalism is killing African people. I do this for the mothers that lose their children to police violence. I do this for the children that are starving on the continent. I do this for the Gender and Non-Conforming Africans in Jamaica that are beaten to death and set on fire. I do this for the political soldiers that have been in jail for longer than I have lived. It is that level of pain, of violence and destruction of humanity that I can’t allow this to continue because some geriatric’s Youtube video that is edited to portray genocide as a false narrative.

So instead, I went there with a handful of my comrades and we united that I was going to expose him until he couldn’t take anymore. I was going to hit him with the hypocrisy of his own life and force him to face it. If your personal life is not a representation of your political beliefs that you voice so much, then you, just like your beliefs, are nonsense.

His team was giving me shit the whole time. They were telling me that their team was scared and hoped that I would “behave myself”. I was like “WTF, I am a 5’6 skinny as all hell flamboyant homosexual what are these nimrods afraid of?” I responded that my comrades and I will act in the fashion that the environment requires.

Once we arrived, they had us wait for 30 minutes. It seemed as if they were calling in every guy they knew to come to give Jesse some sense of security. So once he had about 11 dweebs to my three cadres, it was then that Jesse felt right to come on out and face us.

When I arrived at the stage, he tried to offer me his hand to shake. I did not shake his hand and told him to sit down and let’s get this started. I couldn’t bring myself to shake hands with some vile creature that attacks my people constantly and ruthlessly.

Before the interview, I studied Jesse like crazy. I read and watched everything I could find on him, so I already knew how his interview was going to be set up. Before he could begin speaking, I listed all of the questions that he was going to ask me and I gave my responses to them. This made him furious. I mean what kind of interviewer asks the same exact questions for every interview?

Image of Jesse Lee Peterson on The Jesse Lee Peterson Podcast

Then he asked me about my childhood and upbringing. I already knew where this was going. This was where he would begin to attack my parents and find fault in my upbringing . I was not going to allow this tactic at all, so I flipped the script and asked him straight up, “What about your parents?”

He always claims that Black men are weak because they are raised by single Black mothers who are angry and, therefore, raise angry and weak sons. How fucked up and repulsive of a statement. The Black family was ripped apart due to the FBI’s creation of a drug economy and the mass incarceration of Black men. This left many Black families fatherless. Next, through harsh capitalist economic conditions making it impossible for Black women to hold up the family on their own. Poor and oppressed people have a right to feel their very valid emotions that are a direct result of the parasitic system at work destroying their lives. It is cowardly to attack the victim and their valid pain while ignoring the perpetrators who have caused the pain in the first place.

That is why I forced Jesse to face his own upbringing; how his father and mother both did not want him and left him in Alabama, a lynching state, with his grandmother. His Black mother went and started a whole new family in Chicago. She didn’t even send for Jesse until she realized that she could collect a welfare check for him. Jesse’s contempt and constant attacks on Black women are a direct projection of his anger at his own Black mama. Allegedly…

Jesse Lee Peterson started a foundation for Black men that functions via promises to rebuild the Black man to be a better husband and father. Jesse Lee Peterson has never been a husband or father. He is in his 70’s and hasn’t been able to find a single woman brainwashed enough by the patriarchy to consider him a catch and want to marry him. He has a son but was a deadbeat father. His son hated him so much that at the age of 18, the first thing he did was change his last name. Is this a man that should be telling any man how to be a husband and father? Allegedly…

Jesse Lee Peterson says that we are in a fallen state because we have fallen from his idea of Christianity. However, the Bible states that “a man that does not provide for his family is worse than a non-believer in the eyes of God”. 1 Timothy 5:8

He says that Black women are moochers who leech and take from the government. However, statistically white people are the largest benefactors of government aid, not Black people. In further hypocrisy, Jesse’s studio is funded by government grants as a non-profit business. He is using government money to fund his capitalist narcissistic endeavor of acclaiming fame. All of this is in the name of “saving” the Black man and Black manhood. Allegedly…

Jesse Lee Peterson is a joke and a clown. His own white fans call in and call him “nigger” and laugh at him. His books are all horrific flops, which means that none of his white viewers take him seriously. To them, he’s just a well-trained silly monkey.

After exposing these things, Jesse wanted me out of there immediately. He wanted me out of there so bad that he even called the police on me. I uploaded the video of me roasting his ass and it went viral and I consider that mission accomplished.

I will now address some of the commentaries on this video. The amount of homophobia, feme-phobia, and transphobia I was subjected to by my own people was hurtful. It hurts because I love my African people. I love African people more than I love air itself. I love African people more than I love my mama. I gave everything up so I could fight for African people and i will continue to do so. It is because I know that, when you fix your mouth to attack my sexuality or gender expression, those are the strings of white power puppeteering you to keep us divided.

There isn’t a single doubt in my mind that if it wasn’t for colonialism, the special oppression of African women and Gender and Sexuality Non-Conforming Africans would not exist in our African community.

Image of Gazi Kodzo protesting

My people are a good people. My African people are a fucking good people. I don’t say that with rose-colored glasses on at all. I say that as a little Black gay boy that was picked on all my life by Black people. I was even picked on verbally and physically by adults. I was tortured by teachers, adult family members, and even adult strangers. I can’t bring myself to hate the puppet because I am here to destroy the puppet master. No matter how much it hurt I had to become bigger than my hurt to solve the problems of the revolution.

I do worry about what horizontal violence does to our youths. I would like to dedicate this article to Nigel Shelby, who committed suicide at 15 years old. Rest in Power Lil brotha.



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