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Africa For The Africans!

By Black Hammer

I ain’t tryna get into it If you on some  “I ain’t African, I’m Afro-WTV-tf” or “I’m not African, I’m mixed” or “I’m not Black, I’m a person of color” or whatever race science nonsense the colonizer uses to divide Africans and other colonized people. Please remember capitalism and colonialism created these artificial divisions between working-class colonized people.


We here to talk about Africans and I mean all Africans! From those whose ancestors were forcibly dispersed by the colonial system, like black folk in the US, Brazil, Mexico, and Cuba to those whose ancestors willingly migrated to far off lands like the Aboriginals of Australia. Africa and its resources, culture, and history are our natural birthright!


From the rubber to gold, the resources of Africa continue to fund the value of many global industries to this day.

Many settlers and sellouts tell Black and Brown people to forget about the colonization and enslavement of Africans and indigenous people that built the US, its wealth and power. But like, it’s still building with that shit today! 


Despite being a roughly 500-year old system, the European settler-colonial machine continues to grind through African resources!


Africa is one of the most resource-rich continents on the planet. A fact well understood by capitalists looking to milk the continent to fatten their pockets. To see this we don’t have to look far. From Nestle child workers and slavery scandals, overfishing the waters off Somali and Senegal, oil theft in Nigeria, and stolen rubber in the Congo, the examples of how profitable Africa is today are endless. These are billion-dollar industries that are and have been rife with labor exploitation(slavery), and theft (Neo-colonialism). These industries their resources and their profit must be held under the dictatorship of the African proletariat to secure our liberation and build black power.


This capitalist system will only ever reform the way it exploits and steals from our people. In order to claim our birthright, we must follow our own tradition of revolution and resistance. This is a rich tradition that teaches us that historically organization and unity can lift the boot of capitalism off our necks and off our resources!


Join Black Hammer today! Cause we building Black Power today!



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