Jesse Lee Peterson DRAGGED by Chief Gazi Kodzo

By Gigi Lopez


 On October 17th, 2019 Black Revolutionary Gazi Kodzo visited the studio of Jesse Lee Peterson in Los Angeles California. After 2 years of begging Gazi Kodzo to come to the show, Gazi and his Black Hammer Comrades finally agreed to do the interview with them on the condition that the flight would be taken care of.  Continue reading “Jesse Lee Peterson DRAGGED by Chief Gazi Kodzo”

Africa For The Africans!

By Mouhamadou Diagne

I ain’t tryna get into it If you on some  “I ain’t African, I’m Afro-WTV-tf” or “I’m not African, I’m mixed” or “I’m not Black, I’m a person of color” or whatever race science nonsense the colonizer uses to divide Africans and other colonized people. Please remember capitalism and colonialism created these artificial divisions between working-class colonized people. Continue reading “Africa For The Africans!”