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Witch Doctor to Make You Switch Doctors: Revolutionary Herbalism

First off, I already know I gotta say this for yall sue me for some bullshit… I AM NOT A LICENSED PHYSICIAN please consult your colonial doctor before you try any of herbs that I mention or dietary changes. Okay now that that’s out of the way, fuck your doctor!


Let’s talk about how outrageously violent and insidious western medicine has been to African and Colonized people.  No colonizer should ever question why an African or Indigenous person would be hesitant to go to the doctor, some if not all western medical practices as we know them came about through gut wrenching torture of unimaginable brutality on unsuspecting Black and Brown bodies.  

Take Gynecology for example,it was conceived by J. Marion Sims a cracker psychopath that passed for a doctor, who would make cuts incisions as he saw fit on enslaved African women with NO anesthesia whatsoever. Alternatively we can take birth control for another example, women in Puerto Rico would be nothing but guinea pigs to US doctors in 1955 they saw them fit to be for human trial and error of dangerous and experimental drugs, all without their consent.  Many a honkey would dismiss such instances as small spots of bad judgement by a few individuals.,but they would be wrong!

Experimenting on colonized subjects is a long standing tradition of the european, their Health just like their wealth is comes from our suffering. From the Tuskegee experiments in Oklahoma to exposure to radiation all over the US in 1971, chemical castrations in south Africa and more! 

Colonial hospitals and medical centers have consistently been a host to the most  inhumane of experiments on innocent people. Hell most of these crackers got gold medals and front cover of time magazine for their barbarism.  The European institutions thrive on our death as colonized people, why would we look to them for health? No, no, no, no, no not me. I prefer to get my health from the land, mother earth herself.  

I became somewhat of an herbalist when i learned this history and understood that the medicine under capitalism does not prioritize your health they prioritize that money. I had to take my health into my own hands.  I know I may sound like a snake oil salesman but i’m not no Dr.Sebi typa dude,I don’t own no herb business or nothing like that. I’m just here to share my knowledge through experimenting with some herbs in my own experience. 

Brothers, Sisters and GSNA let’s start with the basics, a healthy diet. no herb on this planet can overcompensate for a bad eating practices.  Make no mistake, it is not a coincidence that healthy foods are unavailable in the hood or el barrio. The colonial state wants to make us dependent on foods that are filled with sugar and chemicals proven to impair brain function and make us sick, that way we are dependent on their pharmaceuticals and in a state of laziness or otherwise saturated in our sugar high overall, dissuaded to revolt against these intolerable conditions.

Even still there are ways to get a good cheap meal if you follow these two simple rules. Rule 1: The closer the food is to its natural state the healthier it is for you.  For example, whole fruits are way healthier than fruit juice and whole grains (Brown rice, oatmeal etc) is healthier than its white alternative, funny how that work huh? Rule two is this simple formula: Health= Calories/Nutrients.  In other words, the more nutrient dense your food is the healthier it is for you. If this article is well received I can go into further detail on how to get cheap healthy foods in the hood but for now just follow these basic principles and you are on your way to becoming a much healthier person off rip!

So you know white power medicine aint shit you have a basic understanding of what constitutes a healthy diet you might be wondering what kind of herb might you want to supplement to boost your health! Aight so let me put you on Elderberry.  Elderberry is a type of berry shrub cultivated in allot of different parts of the world but it has roots in the Americas dating back to the 5th century. In 1995, Panama used this berry in a juice to counter a Flu epidemic which really speaks to its effectiveness.  Even though Indigenous cultures been using every part of this plant for centuries including its berries to treat illness, even colonial doctors have recently been praising this berry for its potency against cold/flu like illnesses. So the primary function of this is to boost your immune system.  This herb can be bought in gummy form, gel pill form and my favorite as a syrup! So long as the elderberries are processed they are safe to consume with little to no side effects, unless you have an autoimmune disease, if that’s the case stay away! 

My favorite way to consume Elderberry is to pour the syrup into some ice water and just sip.  Its like lean but not terrible tasting . This herb can be found for the low at any wal-mart and can even be ordered online.  

There are more bougie expensive brands you can get that are all organic and whatnot but if you buy conventional it should be as much or slightly more expensive than Nyquil. So If you feel like you might be getting sick or already feeling the brunt of it just sip that sizzurp and you’ll find that your body will get rid of the illness much quicker! 




  1. Yessss love I’ve been tryna get into herbalism for ages but cost & accessibility is def a factor! Ready to hear all you’ve got to say!


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