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Black Hammer Brings Revolution to Pride!

Black Gay Pride Atlanta Meets the Black Hammer 


First of all, as you may or may not know, the modern LGBTQ+ movement is rife with colonial ideology and ally-ship with parasitic capitalism .Look no further then the Coke advertisements, pride flag deodorants, or the racist white queer you tuber’s.


Second of all, indigenous African,North/South American, and Asian people been accepting and appreciative of Gender and Sexuality Non Conforming (GSA folk for millennia, like it’s documented history. (See sources ) 


Gender and Sexuality Non Conforming Black and Brown people have played a huge role in resistance to colonialism, capitalism and imperialism for 600 years. We inherited this revolutionary tradition from ancestors like Marsha P. Johnson,  Frida Khalo, James Baldwin , EL Hajj Malik El Shabaaz, Sylvia Rivera, and Bayard Rustin to name a few.


In the spirit of revolutionary organization, the Black Hammer Organization was out, loud and proud at this year’s Atlanta Black Gay Pride!


 On the weekend of 08/30-09/01, people from all across the nation and even the world flocked to Atlanta Georgia to attend the weekend of parties and workshops that is Black Gay Pride. We had comrades travel across state lines so that they could help organize our outreach and presentations to ensure that we were as successful as possible.


We knew that in order to reach the masses with our message, our organization would have to meet them where they were at. 


Soooo we organized to be everywhere the people would be this weekend. Black Hammer was outside the clubs, at the workshops, at the mall, at the day parties, and doing outreach at Piedmont Park during the music festival. It was an exciting weekend full of wins, struggles, and camaraderie.


The focus of our presence at at Atlanta Black Gay pride was to raise awareness among the masses  about the importance of Gender and Sexuality Non Conforming Africans (GSNA) and other colonized peoples leading in the revolution.


We understand that at the root of GSNA’s oppression is capitalism, colonialism, and imperialism. These are the systems that created the gender binary and that teach individuals to violently enforce hetrosexuality. These are the systems that have facilitated and continue to facilitate the epidemic of HIV and AIDS which plagues Africans all over the world, especially GSN Africans.


We also understand that the bigotry experienced by the GSNA community from our own community is also a product of colonialism.There is mountains of examples of these GSN Black and Brown people,  in indegenious societies before colonialism. From two Spirit indigenous North Americans to the Hijras of what is now India.


Even in what is now a part of modern day Ghana, King Mwanga II ruled as an openly gay monarch of the Buganda Kingdom, facing no hate until the colonizer brought the Church’s condemnation. As I said GSNA colonized people have always played a leading role in the resistance to colonialism. 


As colonized people, in order to win our liberation, we must activate all sectors of the African and Colonized nation to direct its building power towards revolution. Gender and Sexuality Non conforming colonized people, just like women, and differently abled people have a key role to play in the revolution.


We say that we want no part in the imperialist armies or in the pandering of celebrities and capitalist politicians. We deny the Colonial Nations, or the norms of colonial ideas about gender and sexuality have dictatorship over our humanity, our resources, and our building power. 


Gender and Sexuality Non Conforming colonized people will, as they always have, be a part of the revolution that lifts the boot of white power, imperialism, and capitalism off of the world’s lungs and neck. 


Black Power!



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