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Black Girls on the Black Market: Why we #ProtectOurGirls

Sound the Alarm because we need to #ProtectOurGirls.

Content warning: 

Discussion of kidnapping,Assault, stolen children. 


Recently, the nonprofit Black & Missing Foundation (Link 2)  compiled statistics from the FBI which noted that in 2016 alone, 242,295 individuals of color were reported missing in the United States.

A stunning 36.7 percent of those missing were Black teens under the age of 18.There is an epidemic going on in the African community in North America that folks are barely talking about. I’m talking bout the Attacks on young Black girls. Our young African Girls have been kidnapped, disappeared, tortured, and raped in epidemic level numbers.

As of 2014, about 64,000 Black women and girls were missing across the U.S. most of those do not receive enough media attention and public support to be found. Where are the amber alerts, the highway shut downs, the 24 hour local news coverage?!?! I’ll tell you where their in the hands of white power and its parasitic capitalist hands. 


A 2010 study (Link 1) about the media coverage of missing children in the United States discovered that only 20 percent of reported stories focused on missing Black children, even though they make up 33 percent of the overall missing children cases. This means that missing Black youth — especially Black girls — are underreported and therefore under investigated in the news and it seems that many people don’t even care.


Malcolm X once famously said that “ the most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman and the most neglected person in America is the black woman”  . Malcom’s criticism can be deepened when it’s applied to our young African Girls. 


This attack to our young girls is rooted in colonial violence. This is a contradiction that we must defend against collectively through organization we can proactively #ProtectOurGirls, and build the resources to bring them home. 


 We know that we could never expect the white power structure that colonized raped, abused, and murdered our ancestors to take any sort of action to deal with this contradiction.No longer can we be idle as some of the most vulnerable members  of our community are being systematically attacked like this. 


This epidemic and systematic attacks on young African and colonized girls is why the Black Hammer organization created the #ProtectOurGirls campaign. This is an initiative aimed at combating this issue through organization. By uniting behind this initiative we will be able to show those attacking our babies that this is unacceptable. 


If you would like to help #ProtectOurGirls 

Join black hammer today: 


join link: BlackHammer.Org/Sign-Up 


For updates on how the campaigns are going. Follow us on social media : @BlackHammerOrg


For more information on Black Hammer’s first case for the #ProtectOurGurls campaign check out or article (Article Title and link ) 




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Link 2:




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