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A Vote for Akile, Kills my friend Eritha.



Black Power my name is Gazi Kodzo and I am the founder and leader of The Black Hammer organization. I was Eritha Akile Cainion’s first Campaign manager and I am also a survivor of the Uhuru Organization. I mean a survivor in every sense of the word. Many innocent people who have escaped the Uhuru Organization have been mentally scarred even to the point of suicide. As recently as last year, a 19 year old boy committed suicide while under their mental torture. This is why I have to speak out against the election of Akile Anai aka Eritha Akile Cainion. 

What you first have to understand is that I am not actually criticizing Akile. She is a young woman who is being manipulated and used as a puppet by a greedy old man named Omali Yeshitela. Omali Yeshitela and his organization have a long track record of mentally abusing, scamming, harassing, and slumlording, the very people they say they fight for…poor and working class black people.  Specifically black women and mothers. 

Akile’s/Omali’s slogan is “Make the South Side black Again”. To the black citizens of the south side this slogan is nostalgic. Brings memories of when South Side St. Pete had black owned grocery stores, gas stations, and shopping centers. It’s a beacon of light away from the present situation where everything in the South Side is being bought up by white developers from big cities. The local stores are all owned by hostile Middle Easterners who call the police on their innocent black customers. 


Omali does not want to bring back economic empowerment to the black people of South Side St. Pete. Omali wants to bring economic empowerment to himself, his wife and his handful of white people that run everything financial in Uhuru. None of the Uhuru businesses that Omali calls “Black Power” is actually ran by a black person. The furniture store in Philadelphia is run by Alison Hoehne, a white woman.  The furniture store in Oakland is ran by Stephanie Midler, a white woman. Even their flag ship businesses in St Pete from their Commercial Kitchen, Banquet Hall and them Uhuru Pies that only white people buy is ran by Janice Kant. Not only are all these “Black Power” businesses run by white people, but all of them have dozens, if not hundreds, of complaints against them by black employees and customers saying how racist these “black power” businesses treated them. 

These are the kinds of businesses the election of Omali–not the election of Eritha–will bring in. Omali says “Politics is concentrated economics” well when you have white people controlling your economics, then what’s your true political trajectory? 

These “black power” Uhuru businesses wherever they are located have assisted not contested gentrification. They have all had a history of working with the police to criminalize the black citizens within whatever community they are in. Omali and his businesses are just as parasitic to black people as white racist businesses owners are. Except he does it while wearing kente cloth and mimicking Malcolm X speeches. He doesn’t want to make the South Side Black Again he wants to make the South side controlled by him and his cult. 

Now I know Cult is a big scary word and to this day its difficult for me to say that I was part of a cult. What I am about to share with you is going to seem like something out of a movie but I don’t want you just to believe my words so I brought evidence with me. 


First you need to ask yourself who is Eritha and who is Akile.

Akile is being portrayed as this young woman who just loves black people and ain’t scared to tell it like it is. When you see her what you are actually seeing is a tortured woman whose identity and knowledge of self has been stolen from her. I was her Campaign Manager in her first campaign. Every speech, facebook post, tweet, and word that came out of her mouth is all fed to her by Omali Yeshitela. He will have this young woman in his office for hours rehearsing to say exactly what he wants her to and how he wants her to. She is never asked what she thinks or what she wants to say. Why would this young woman let this man control her like this? Because Eritha has been put through years of mental and physical abuse which has broken her to a point where she doesn’t know right from wrong.  She only knows that, whatever Omali wants you to do, you do. I know this because I was one of his puppets as well. What Eritha went through, though, was more devastating.


One night at around midnight, during Eritha’s first campaign, I received a call from Eritha’s best friend at the time. She told me that Eritha’s father who is a neighborhood barber and long time proud member of the Uhuru cult, jumped on top of his daughter and beat her repeatedly with his fist. I could hear Eritha crying for her life in the background saying she was dizzy and bleeding. I called Omali immediately. All he cared about was that we didn’t tell the police, that Eritha not go to a local hospital and that the press not pick it up. The next morning I met with him and he told me that because of the campaign, Eritha’s head was getting too big and she was getting defiant against him and her father, and that she deserved what her father did to her. 

When I asked Eritha what brought on the attack, she told me that she went home to get some clothes because she was gonna sleep over at her best friend’s house. Her dad was in the house by himself and when she came in he locked the door and began to attack her. When she told me what had happened, I felt that Omali was the one that ordered the attack. Because Eritha was late to one of the election events and she went off script during a couple speeches. It wasn’t the first time I’ve known for Omali to order such an attack on anyone who was getting out of hand. 

After that attack we never saw Eritha Cainion again. We were met with Akile Anai and she was a robot that took orders and never asked questions. She cut ties with whomever Omali told her to.. even her own mother. Akile to this day will not take pictures or do a video with her birth mother because Omali said she is white and doesn’t want St. Pete black voters to know Akile is biracial. So she will call her father’s new wife–who is black–her mother instead. Akile does this even though her birth mother is extremely kind and generous to her. Akile will only have a relationship with her in private. 


Don’t take my word for it here is a clip of how brainwashed Akile is when it comes to her supreme leader Omali Yeshitela. 



Omali hates to get his hands dirty so he makes young impressionable black activists do his dirty work. Under this level of mind control, not only did Akile turn her back on her own mother, she broke up with her boyfriend, dumped her best friend, and started a new romantic relationship with an Uhuru member that Omali approved of.


Akile betrayed and lied on Kunde Mwamvita, the mother of Dominique Battle, one of the three drowned black girls. Akile spearheaded the operation to slander, fire, and financially incapacitate Kunde. All because Kunde said no to Omali. He had wanted Kunde to fire her hard working lawyer because the lawyer asked for Kunde to have access to her daughter’s fundraiser bank account. In this state of mind Akile will do anything Omali says even when it hurts a mourning mother and her three small children. 

My name is Yashica Clemmons. While I was in the cult/ uhuru, I was made to be a puppet for the Omali Yeshitela. I was asked several times to leave my former job and work for them as the economic specialist and kitchen and banquet hall rentals. 


I was coerced to speak at their engagements about my daughter and her two friends’ death so they could make money off of my pain–me, a grieving mother who had just lost her daughters.


 Yes I only birthed Dominique Battle, but Laniya Miller and Ashunti Butler were like daughters to me as well. I was called into a meeting after asking Akile to have access to funds that had been raised for my daughter’s lawyer fees and proceedings. 


I told her that my lawyer let me know that I am entitled to know how much has been collected as well as have access to these funds. Well, Eritha gave me a bank card, but Akile had to report this back to Omali, who wanted to meet with me that same day. I was already home, [but] he wanted his wife Ona, him and Akile to come to my home to meet. 


I said no and would meet with them later that day. Well to my surprise they wanted me to fire my lawyer and let them find me another lawyer as well as I could only travel and speak when it would make money for them. 


If I was speaking, I wouldn’t get paid for my work. Uhuru collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from me speaking and I only received enough for food. When I woke from the uhuru [cult] and gained my own sense of what was going on, I told them I would not be firing my lawyer and they don’t have that right to tell me who to have as a lawyer or any other right when it came to my children and the law suit we had filed. 


When I refused to fire my lawyer they fired me and didn’t care if my children were ok or not, nor did I receive all the money that had been raised for the legal fees. I was without a job and had four children to raise [and] no one from that cult helped me. 


I walked in the rain, in the heat and all the while, they could have given me the funds collected for me to purchase a car, they [just] wanted to control me and I refused. 


Eritha is a good young lady and I only wish the best for her. I hope one day soon she gets from under that cult and finds herself. I would love to see her win and support her, but not under that cult.”

If Akile becomes the District 7 representative, you will have just voted for Omali Yeshitela. Take it from someone who was the campaign manager, this entire election is nothing but a play on black people’s pain so Omali can build his businesses and his cult. 


The mind control is deep and the trauma it brings is massive. So massive that it took the life of a 19 year old young man this year. He was working for Uhuru for free with no money to feed himself. When he complained about the conditions, they put him through a process called “struggle”. Where they have you in countless meetings for hours while people take turns telling you how horrible you are and how your disobedience of Omali is hurting all the black people in the world. Then when you are filled with guilt they abandon you andkick you on the streets until you beg to come back. Well instead of this brotha begging he was filled with such pain from this process that he committed suicide. Suicide is common for ex Uhuru Members. Here is a text that was shared to me by his aunt. How when her nephew came back to her he was a whole other person with no mind for himself.

This is why I have to speak out. Yes, I do love the black people of St. Pete and don’t want them to be scammed. Yes, I do love Black Power and revolution and I don’t want our struggle to be used as a get rich scheme by some crook. But I am writing this to save my friend Eritha Cainion. Because when she wakes up out of his mind control what she will  wake up to is a field of people she has hurt because this man told her to. When I woke up I spent weeks calling people, apologizing for all the hurt and trauma I had put them through. Luckily all of them forgave me but if they hadn’t, I don’t know if I could have lived with that kind of guilt. Eritha is a kind sweet person that wouldn’t hurt a fly and when she wakes up I don’t want her to see an entire city of people she has hurt because of this man and his mind control. It will kill her. 


If you are a St. Pete voter, I am not telling you to vote for Lisa Wheeler-Bowman. NO WAY! Lisa Wheeler-Bowman is controlled by big money and has no heart for the people. What I am saying is, take this time to save a young woman who does have a heart, but is being manipulated.  Save her for the people. Tell Eritha that you vote for HER not for Omali! That if she wants your vote she has to be for the people and not for Omali. Tell her that you will vote for her if she quits the Uhuru Movement and separates herself from Omali Yeshitela and stands on her own two feet and sees herself for the leader that SHE IS! 


If Eritha Cainion frees herself from this man and his cult I know she will be the best District Representative the world has ever seen. But if you vote Akile you are getting Omali and I don’t have to tell St. Pete what horror that man brings. His track record with the people of St. Pete is so dirty and that’s why he isn’t running himself. 


To the city of St Pete and black people around the world please save my friend and all my friends that are still under his control. 

Make Akile, Eritha Again and Make the South Side Black Again. 







  1. A great crime against humanity is occurring here in Toronto, Canada. Please visit and share may help another Targeted Individual that is being Gangstalked. Goes back to 2011 just keep scrolling down.


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