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Orlando Meets Black Hammer: Good Food in the Hood

In Orlando, I can’t go no-where without seeing a brother or sister scavenging for some food. As the years go by the homeless population just seems to get higher and higher, I cant help but wonder if that has anything to do with the second soccer stadium they built on top of parramore, one of the oldest historically black neighborhoods in Orlando.

  It also could be the fact that on top of two soccer stadiums there are now insanely bougie condos right across the street from the stadium to facilitate tourism, built with there own market strip of expensive italian restaurants and vegan doughnut shops. This is how gentrification functions.

Economic development for white and wealthy enjoyment translate to economic depravity and Black and Brown suffering. It is nothing but economic terrorism from the white capitalist class for the white working class at the expense of the poor Black and Brown working class. 

As Black Hammer develops we will most certainly organize to defend against this sinister ass attacks on our communities, but first we must make ourselves known and show the people what we bout. So i figured we do a food drive for just that, to serve the people. 

 I had no prior experience with organizing something like this but after a long time of this project being inactive, comrade GG was able to bring the logistics and the step by step process became clear.  We did what we do best and made some propaganda asking people for donations for our cause, and within less than a month we were able to fully fund all that we needed for the food drive. We got a local restaurant in my hood ( Mi Bandera, anyone on Oakridge know that 5 dolla plate keep you feed all day) to cater our food drive.  We got two trays of rice and peas (arroz con gandulez, for my spanish speakers) Chicken that was a bright orange from all its seasonings and some bread loaves. With the help of some comrades here in the O we fixed like 100 plates. Regardless of some mishaps (i spilled some gravey in my comrades car, also the homie busted his ass on my steps) we drove all the food and set up in the heart of parramore. 

 Them plates WERE FLYIN!  Everyone in the hood quickly formed a line and we just handed them out to whoever needed it.  After everyone in that location was fed, we had a chat with some people about their situation, and then moved on to the next location. Talking to the community was important.  It gave us a chance to see what their immediate needs are so next time we as Black Hammer can come even more prepared.  

We moved 94 plates that day, all in one of the most impoverished  hoods in Orlando. It felt good, but hearing the plight of these brothers and sisters on the street, seeing the  conditions my people live in, I know there is more work to be done.Are you looking to organize a program like this in your community?Help build Black Hammer so we can organize address the most pressing issues in our communities, by joining today!

Black Power!

Watch what happened : 







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