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The Negroe Intellectual what an odd bird he is. You see intellectuals are supposed to be a grouping of people who are skilled at thinking and their thinking is used to advance humanity. Think of it like this, what good is a farmer if he cannot produce to feed the people? Skill is only as important as its ability to produce and advance society.

This is where the oddness of the Negroe intellectual comes in. You see education is nothing but a tool to reproduce the theories of the dominant society. We live in a White Powered society that is sustained through the parasitic relationship towards everyone that isn’t white. Therefore the dominant theory is thought condoning that parasitic relationship.

A white Intellectual is someone that is produced through their own white imperialist education system. Just like the farmer must produce for the white capitalist nation on stolen land, it does service, but a colonizer’s service is a parasitic one. No matter how noble it is supposed to be the base that skill is practiced on is colonialism, capitalism, and imperialism.

The Negroe Intellectual is not an intellectual that is produced by and for the African Nation. The Negroe intellectual was PICKED by White Imperialism, MOLDED by White Imperialism, and TRAINED to produce for White Imperialism. Unless that Negroe Intellectual decides to be an African Revolutionary Intellectual and uses their skills of thought and complex thought to forward revolution to liberate African and Colonized People.

Negroe Intellectuals just like the Petty Bourgeoisie have to commit class suicide. Meaning they must break free from these individual dreams of bourgeoisie recognition and pursue life to better the living conditions of the people. They usually cannot do this because all the A+s they received on their tests and essays by this white system has become the center of their confidence. They believe because Massa said they are the brightest that they really are the brightest. But how bright is someone that can’t practice discipline and produce for the people? They were only bright to Massa because their brain fits his agenda. That’s what makes them “special”.

I’ve met many Negroe Intellectuals who believe they are revolutionary because they have a basic understanding of revolutionary theory and history. Yet they have the discipline of a white toddler and delusions of grandeur akin to a white teenage pageant princess. Most of them have clung onto this identity of how smart they are because of how ugly they are. Yes, I mean ugly by eurocentric standards, and therefore they wrap themselves in a blanket of brilliance. The blanket though was one that was woven by the white colonial education system. The blanket is actually another layer of ugly that matches their aspirations. It’s a blanket of entitlement, snobbiness, and insecurities. In order to compensate, they’ve developed their brains to produce for them.

These people can become very difficult to organize and sometimes can disturb organizations. Most people have been trained to see these intellectuals like wizards. So when an intellectual has a problem with the organization we are supposed to listen to their issues with much more attention and acceptance than anyone else. This is colonialism and classism. 

This is why so many black women can be raped and no one listens but when a white woman gets raped the world listens. The white woman is supposed to be much smarter and honest than the black woman. The intellectual is supposed to be smarter and more honest than the masses.

The world has never had such a large populace of people that have been college-educated and yet our problems as colonized people remain. If intellectuals were supposed to be smart and honest wouldn’t they see the horrors of colonialism and the destruction of capitalism is causing the planet? Wouldn’t a smart and honest person do all in their ability to use the platform they have for knowing more than others to save others? They don’t though why? Because intellectuals in capitalism are as parasitic as capitalism. They are just using their ability of thought to produce a life of money and fame for themselves. Same with the Negroe Intellectuals except he’s worse because he is selling out the revolution for his own material greed.

For the negro intellectual is not even worth mentioning if his intellectual powers are not used for revolution. Not for some effort of being the first black scientist to give a frog three legs or some shit. But actually using their time, energy and intellectual abilities to forward the revolution! To be a revolutionary intellectual can’t even mean you use your brain to write about revolution or sign up to join some lackluster black organization. Revolutionary thought without revolutionary action is not revolutionary at all. The people are starving and dying and you out here just writing about it and not actively serving to stop it.

And don’t give me that “Well maybe writing about it is just their lane”. That’s a coward’s back door. I must think you are a liar and hypocrite if you can write about revolution but can’t practice in it, if you can write about the plight of the people and not do everything you can to stop that suffering. You must be full of sh*t if your own understanding of this oppression doesn’t force you to join or build a revolutionary organization then you must be a fraud. Cause if your understanding was so deep it would have the ability to move mountains. But evidently, your own writings can barely move you. That’s the true test of brilliance, who can it move!

Black Hammer is my Comrades and I’s move. Pay attention!

An African Revolutionary Intellectual understands that his intellectualism is not his but the people’s and the people need it for revolution! That you are nothing but the body that holds that skill but that skill is not what decides your importance. The ability you have over yourself to selflessly give that skill to produce for the people. Every person’s value in the revolution is weighed by their selflessness, not their talents. Someone’s discipline is one measure of that selflessness. Someone being able to overcome their own hurt feelings so they can continue giving to the people is a measure of that selflessness. Someone that does not want gloat in the glory of what they have done in the past because they are so focused on building what they will be bringing to the revolution next! That is cadre! That is the best of the best!

So I’ll let you be an intellectual and scream it out loud until your vocal cords burst! But you are not a revolutionary and therefore, when it comes to me, history and the oppressed peoples of the world, you still ain’t sh*t.

Author: Gazi Kodzo



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