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Slavery 2.0; From the the Slave Ship to the Prison Cell

The United Snakes of America has always been a slave state. From the beginning the colonizer been stealing indigenous peoples land and resources. In the case of Africa the colonizer chose to steal people, so they could profit from their labor and livelihood. Colonizing black and brown people and using them as chattel is what built the wealthiest nation to have ever existed.

The colonizer continues this tradition today having turned the vehicle through which they steal lives and labour from ships, to cell blocks. Boasting the highest prison population in the world, the US holds onto its slave state status. The United Snakes has the highest % of its general population under some form of incarceration in the world. At the end of 2013, roughly 6.9 million adults — 2.8 % of the population — were under some kind of “correctional supervision”. 

When the Amendment to abolish slavery was passed, they were very careful to make it clear that slavery was to be abolished, except for punishment for a crime. Don’t believe me? Just google the 13th amendment. Since this change in the language of enslavement, the US prison population has skyrocketed. Today the state will use prison as a means to control and profit off as many colonized people as possible.This process is the same whether they are youth trying to survive such as the young rapper Tay K or Freedom fighters like Kamau Sadiki.

19 year old Tay Kay, who is known for doing the race to escape the slave patrolling pigs, was sentenced to 55 years for an armed robbery that ended in a fatality. 

Kamau Sadiki was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and ten (10) years to run consecutively for armed robbery after a Fulton County Superior Court jury found him guilty for the murder of an Atlanta Pig in 1971. At the time nineteen year old Kamau Sadiki was a member of the Black Liberation Army.

Today 2.3 million souls are locked up. Sharing the same inhumane fate as these two brothers. As of 2013, 59% of those locked up were colonized people. Africans and other colonized people make up literally more than half of the US prison population. 

Working class africans like Kamau Sadiki or Tay Kay have always been the target of this new system of enslavement. Revolutionaries and regular working class Africans are the targets, because they have the most to gain from destroying this colonial system, and the least to lose.

Just to give you a little more context of how profitable this business is today, I included a graph that shows the average pay of a private prison CEO vs the average pay of the pig overseers they hire to keep the enslaved in check. With CEO’s of these companies making $450 an hour it’s not hard to imagine exactly just how much wealth people are really making from this system. 


The most recent annual reports from Corrections Corporation of America, the largest for-profit prison organization today showed annual revenues of  $1.7 billion.The corrections corporation of America was founded by colonizers thomas W. Beasley, t, Don Hutto, and robert Crants in Nashville, Tennessee 1983 .These men and their families are the modern plantation owners.

The Prison Industrial complex is a vile system that is used as a tool for profit and population control. Including the imprisoned population in the revolution will be crucial to its success.Therefore we must learn to understand our colonized family who have been attacked by the state and locked away, not as criminals, We must understand these people  as victims of a colonial system who must be organized and empowered. This capitalist colonial slave state has no right to judge our people!

Through our commitment to their liberation and abolition of capitalisms parasitic relationship to the African and Colonized working class we can truly hope to end this 400 year old war in our lifetimes!

 Black Power! 

Join Black Hammer today!

Comrade Sadiki still needs our help read more here : 

Author: Mouhamadou Diagne






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