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These Limp Wrists Shoot; Black Hammer Arms GSNA

The power of Black Hammer lies within the people. PERIODT! We’re on mission to build Black power and it starts with the people. Black Hammer struggles to educate, discipline and spark the collective with POWER. We do this for all African and colonized people under the boot of wyt power. This is why Black Hammer is creating our own gun club!

 Our gun club is focused primarily on the GSNA (Gender and Sexually Non-Conforming African) members of the community. They have been affected by systematic violence that only the community can protect against. The Black Hammer Gun Club seeks to offer all African and colonized people this protection. History teaches us that true freedom has always been determined by the armed and oppressed. The beauty of the Black Hammer organization is based on this belief.

 When the Panthers stormed the Assembly Chamber of Sacramento in the wild summer of 1967 the world watched this display of black defiance. This moment became engraved in history. It taught us that the system shakes when we use discipline and act inside our rights to defend ourselves. We cannot expect help let alone true aid from the porky pig police. They serve as the guards of the system. They brutalize us yet they’re supposed to be “keepers of the peace.” For that reason, Black Hammer desires to arm and train the people in self-defense. Self-defense not only teaches one how to fight, it also teaches one how to preserve their lives and freedom. When Black Hammer was formed it’s founding ideal was the people’s freedom through the people’s armed might and power.

 We have a right to defend ourselves!

 Black Power!





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