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#ProtectOurGirls; Predatory State Protects Predators

White power has always protected rapists and predators.That is because it is a system built on theft, pillaging, rape, and exploitations. It is a system that must protect predators, because it is a predatory system. A system built by predators for predators. White power is a  predatory system build on the exploitation of the working class colonized masses.

Imagine picking up your daughters for from your white ex wife’s house, only to find out that your  children have been sending inappropriate videos to their step father. This was the horrifying experience of one black father in early April 2019.  

The Georgia resident father picked up his two daughter who were 7 & 8 at the the time, on April 5th 2018.Thats when he discovers sexually inappropriate videos on the the 8 year olds phone.The child then told her father that she had been having sex with her stepfather. After discovering this the biological father of the children did what any responsible parent would do.  He got them into therapy at the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, and got them into family counseling with his fiance and stepchildren.

 Both girls were taken out of the Alabama school system and enrolled in Georgia, where the father volunteered regularly to chaperone field trips to try and help the girls to cope with their trauma and go back to being little girls. During this time a forensic interview was done in the Cullman County Alabama child advocacy center with the advise of Kindal Beach a worker from the  Department of Human Services (DHR).

The biological father of the two minor girls was advised, both verbally and through text by,Kindal Beach, that if the girls were returned to their mother’s home they would be placed in foster care. To stop that from happening the father kept the girls with him. Court was held on May 21st 2019.

The attorney at the time, Pooja Chawla, was negligent and ineffective “she arrived late and unprepared without any proof or evidence. She didn’t subpoena anyone that I requested and she never called anyone to the stand. Although I had provided her with everything from medical records, to emails, to doctors names numbers and addresses.”This attorney ended up costing the family 7000$ and did nothing but hurt the case, and work against the best interests of the children.

After this the Alabama Judge Jennifer M. Howell dismissed the biological fathers evidence. This judge stacked the case in favor of the white biological mother refusing  to read the testimony from the children’s therapist, where they admitted to being sexually abused buy the stepfather. She even had the nerve to ask Kindal Beach if she would allow the Stepfather to have 

unsupervised visitation with the minor children; To which Kendal replied she would and that everyone loves the step father. In the end Jennifffer M Howell allowed  the girls to have unsupervised visitation with their alleged abuser! .Judge Jennifer M Howell of Decatur Alabama Circuit Court,ordered both girls be immediately returned to their biological mother, and immediately be withdrawn from Georgia schools and returned to Alabama schools.

Black Hammer will not allow these soulless judges, heartless DHR workers, and criminal family law attorneys to continue to validate and protect alleged sexual predators like  Jeremy cook. White power has always been protective of sexually inappropriate individuals. I mean just look at its founding fathers who regularly assaulted enslaved africans It is up to the masses of Africans and colonized people to hold these vile people accountable to these kinds of attacks against our children.We must organize and unite to #ProtectOurGirls. This is why Black hammer is raising funds for the family and planning to turn up at the Decatur county Courthouse where Judge Jenniffer Howell attacks colonized people everyday in September.  


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Cash App: $BalentineChildren


#ProtectOurGirls protest.

Date: September 14th

Location:Morgan county courthouse 302 Lee St NE Decatur AL 35601

Time: 3-6 pm




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