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Lil-Cnote:Free for another summer!

We have won Lil C-Note another summer, and the Cobb County judicial court and Judge Wayne Gannis are shaking in their boots!

On May 24th Black Hammer made the slave auction courts of Cobb county feel the heat! And we know they felt it. Our first clue was when they canceled the court date and then rescheduled for the same date a couple of hours later. They tried to confuse and discourage us from showing up and showing out.

That didn’t stop us though, we kept applying dat pressure! After three hours outside the courthouse, we were given word from an insider on the case that the judge was too nervous to even do his job! The attention of the masses and the media struck the judge with anxiety. They want to reschedule Lil C-Note’s court case to a place and time that the public won’t know about so they can try and judge this young boy in secret.

But we know it’s gonna be August 12th, and we’re gonna be there! This summer they’re gonna feel the Heat! We are also gonna be outside Cobb county magistrate court July 11th-12th (9am-12pm). Standing proudly In defense of our brother Lil C-Note and all the African children, men, women and gender non conforming folk who are brutalized and unjustly tried by the slave auction courts in the United Snakes of American every damn day.


What right does this judge, or the jury members or even the Cumberland mall have to judge this 12 year old? We say that they have none and that in fact, it is them who must be put on trial. We are putting them on day trial for attacking our community in service of an alien and colonial nation. We charge them with aggravated assault on our youth with the intent of using them for slave labor in their private prisons. We charge them with genocide!

We want all charges against Lil C-Note dropped because he is innocent! We want the pig officer to face consequences for brutalizing our young brother, and we want the Cumberland mall to pay reparations for the physical and emotional damages they caused Lil C.

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