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Black Hammer is here

The Black Hamma is here!

On February 3, 2019, the Black Hammer Organization was introduced onto the scenes of the revolutionary struggle for African liberation.

The event was hosted at The Black Dot Cultural Center, located in Lithonia, GA! Started with a welcome by Diakiesse Lungisani and Gazi Kodzo, the launch party included many practical and inspiring presentations.

Comrades traveled from Massachusetts, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Florida, and upstate New York to guarantee the successful launch of The Black Hammer Organization. The launch was a success and marked the birth of an organization that truly represents the African working class!

The first presentation was given by HIV health Specialist Kasheena Washington! Working with Westcare Georgia, Miss Washington had been spreading awareness about HIV and its treatment in the black community for two years!

After this, the people heard a concise presentation by Comrade Raphael Myles, who has been in the fitness and health business for five years. The benefits he has experienced from being disciplined in diet, exercise, sexual restraint and positive perspective have made him determined to share his knowledge with the people!

The last presentation was given by international artist brother Cephas Bradley who is has been producing masterpieces since the age of 6, inspired by the world around him and the lessons that it teaches him about life under colonialism.

Through his keynote presentation, Chief Gazi Kodzo laid out why an organization such as Black Hammer is needed in this period where the revolutionary fever of our people is steadily on the rise! Comrade Thomas Williams traveled all the way from Brooklyn, NY to cater the event and the food was LIT!

The event marked a new beginning in a 400-year-old battle. It was the birth of an organization by African people for the liberation of poor and working-class Africans everywhere.

Black Power!

Forward to African Liberation!



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