Saturday, September 25, 2021


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Sellout AOC Dropping Jaws and Dropping Bombs

By Chief Cheem and Chief Oju Maybe one of the greatest examples of liberalism and sellouts that obey white power, alexandria ocasio cortez has peaked...

Destroy the Colony by Destroying the Colony that has Taken Your Family.

It can sometimes be overwhelming when you understand the truth of the impact of colonialism and your responsibility when you internalize that you are...

It’s impossible to be lonely when you surrounded by the people

The following speech was given by Commander in Chief Gazi Kodzo in Rally #16 on the topic of the loneliness of the revolutionary, a...



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Revolutionary Lit

i am a Student of the Revolution

By Chief Amalicha, Chief of Agitation i am a student of the Revolutionfrom my first breath of life to my every waking momenti ponderwhat can...



EXCLUSIVE Interview With Survivors of The Sevananda Trap

The Black Hammer Organization has taken action after finding an alleged predator and serial rapist, michel trappier, who works at a natural foods store...

Chief Rohan’s Horrific Experiences At The Catawba House

By The Black Hammer Organization Land back, Comrades and Black Hammer Supporters. We are writing this email after conducting a thorough investigation on Chief Rohan's...

10 reasons why Gazi Kodzo is the leader of the anti-white revolution

Who is willing to lead us? Who will win the emancipation of our people? As the year 2020 ramps up, the question can no longer...

Black Hammer Organization Exposes a Fed: Mouhamadou Ahmed Diagne

By Black Hammer Times Every anti-colonial revolutionary movement produces or reveals people who want to stop the masses from getting their freedom. These can be...

Hammers Will Win the Battle Against Subjectivity

By Secretary General Tiger It has been almost two months since we began this war against petit bou (sellout) worms who have infiltrated the organization. We...


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