Thursday, January 26, 2023


By joining Black Hammer, you follow in the footsteps of our ancestors by continuing the struggle for freedom and self-determination for our people!


#FreeGazi Now from Fayette County Jail!

#FreeGazi from Fayette County Jail Georgia, USA! This freedom fighter must be released as he endures immense abuse

Destroy the Colony by Destroying the Colony that has Taken Your Family.

It can sometimes be overwhelming when you understand the truth of the impact of colonialism and your responsibility when you internalize that you are...

It’s impossible to be lonely when you surrounded by the people

The following speech was given by Commander in Chief Gazi Kodzo in Rally #16 on the topic of the loneliness of the revolutionary, a...


The Revolutionary Church at Woodruff Park, Atlanta



Revolutionary Lit

i am a Student of the Revolution

By Chief Amalicha, Chief of Agitation i am a student of the Revolutionfrom my first breath of life to my every waking momenti ponderwhat can...



Greta Thunberg is a Drug and You’re a Dope-Head.

This article is written with an agenda to destroy the ability for anyone to trick you into forgetting who you are and who the...

Aid Abroad Isn’t Without the Expense of Colonized Lives

By Comrade Double Gi In the latest attempt to divide colonized people, the united snakes passed a 1.4 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill—what most people...

NFAC is f*cking around with the pigs

By Comrade Ali and Chief Turey In the Southern region of the u.s., following the series of colonial killings, the Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC),...

Black Hammer launches #2BFrank to combat colonizer, white leftists

By The Black Hammer Times Staff On April 20, 2020, Gazi Kodzo, the Commander-In-Chief and one of the founders of the Black Hammer Organization (BHO),...

Jesus is why you ain’t got no nigga. 

Now calm down and listen to me before ya get all upset and pour holy water on my face.  Child everybody should know that I...

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